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Camper Trailer Buying Guide: What you Should Consider Before you Invest



Purchasing a camper trailer is the ultimate way of investing in a healthy outdoors lifestyle! Revelling in the amazing natural landscape that we’re so lucky to have here in Australia is one of the best ways to spend your free time, so why not do it comfortably and conveniently? A trailer provides you with all the amenities and cosiness of home, whilst also giving you the freedom to roam and adventure the great outdoors. If you’re considering investing in one of these for yourself, but you’re not quite sure where to start, keep reading. Here is a full guide to making the best choice of camper trailer for you…

Determine Your Budget

All good purchases start with a carefully considered budget! Although crunching the numbers might not be the first thing you think of when you start contemplating investing in a camper trailer, it’s actually the most crucial step. A realistic budget will guide where you can and can’t purchase your camper. Now, this is going to be a hefty purchase but remember that you’ll be getting literal years of use out of your model, so it will be worth it as long as it is within your means. If the cost of a new camper is just not reachable for you, check out your options for second hand models!

Think About Capacity

Next, size. It’s no good buying a camper that accommodates two if you’re a family of four now is it? You want to streamline your search as much as possible so it’s nice and fuss free for everyone involved. If you’re a couple or single person, consider whether you want to have a family in the future or whether you’ll want to hit the road with a camping clan instead of alone. All of these factors will impact the size that you ought to opt for.

Find The Right Model

Once you’ve decided on your budget and size requirements, it’s time to explore your options for models! You’ll come across these options whilst you’re hunting for camper trailers…

Soft Floor: A soft floor trailer is kind of half way between a camper and a tent. This model will sit on the ground with a room like structure throughout. You can add onto this by zipping on extra rooms, which is a nice feature if you want a future proof model. These are incredibly lightweight and therefore use less energy when driving.

Forward Fold: Forward fold trailers hinge from the front of the model, revealing a hard floor that sits above the ground. This is the classic home away from home style camper.

Rear Fold: A rear fold is almost identical to a forward style, but it opens up from a rear hinge! Rear and forward folds are great for totally weatherproof camping experiences that are as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Hybrid: A hybrid camper trailer is as close to the RV style model as you can get, whilst still enjoying the compact and easy nature of a camper trailer.

Custom: Investing in a custom camper trailer is the perfect way of finding a model that works seamlessly with your lifestyle. You’ll get all the details, room, storage accessories, add ons and extra features that you could possibly need!

Connect With The Community

Finally, ensure that you’re doing your research and connecting with the camper community to find the best advice and insight possible. This can be reading online forums, joining digital groups, heading to trade shows and seeking out the opinion of a professional provider!

Follow these tips and you’ll secure yourself your ideal trailer in absolutely no time!