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Can we put cat poop in the toilet?



When you collect your cat’s litter box, you might think the easiest thing to do is flush the poo down the toilet. However, septic systems are not designed to break down cat feces. According to Plumbing Solutions, flushing down the toilet anything other than toilet paper, human waste, and water can lead to serious septic tank problems. Read on below to learn more about the effects of litter and cat poop disposal on your septic system.

What you need to know about toilet flush cat litter boxes.

Disposable toilet cat litter boxes claim to be more environmentally friendly than regular cat litter boxes, as they are typically made from wheat, pine, wood, or corn. As these materials are biodegradable, they can be treated by large-scale sewage systems. But it doesn’t always work with residential septic tanks. This is because septic tanks are only designed to handle human waste. Therefore, they cannot break down disposable cat litter in the toilet, and the disposal of these types of litter can only cause serious problems in the septic tanks. Besides the fact that they can affect the bacterial balance in your septic tank.

Your septic tank and cat poop: What you need to know

Cats are very loving and gentle creatures and the animal lovers among us gladly open their homes to them. But if you’re willing to share everything with your cats, your septic tank shouldn’t be one of them.

When your cat’s poop stays in its litter box, it eventually dries up and turns into petrified poop. When cat poop dries up, it can cause blockages in your plumbing system. Septic tanks often operate on a very delicate microbial balance, designed to deal with human waste. So cat poop will only add different germs that your septic system is not designed to deal with.

How do you get rid of cat poop?

Getting rid of cat poop is as easy as getting rid of a trash can. You can use a shovel to sift stool and urine and place them in a small garbage bag. After you’ve scooped out all of the litter boxes in your house, tie the garbage bag in a tight knot. To prevent bacteria and odor leaks, put the garbage bag in another bag. Simply place it in a garbage can outside your home and be sure to use a tight-fitting lid.

Where can I throw the cat litter?

Be sure to use a properly closed garbage bag to store cat poop and litter. Once the bag is properly closed, you can throw it away with your waste in a regular trash can. It is best to bring the garbage bag with the cat poop directly into your outdoor garbage can rather than the one in your house to avoid any odor.

What’s the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of kitty litter?

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your cat’s litter is to use it as compost. The second most environmentally friendly option is to use biodegradable litter and put it in the trash so that it biodegrades naturally in the landfill. In this case, you will no longer have to use plastic bags.