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Can You Buy FIFA Points On The Mobile App?



Are you looking for information on how to buy FIFA points on mobile? You can redeem your FIFA coins for packs, item cards, or even trade it for real cash on websites that buy FIFA coins and points. In the same way, there are several methods available for gathering your FIFA points, depending on the platform you use (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, mobile). It is advisable to use EA-recommended methods for earning and buying coins, including FUT stores, EA-powered origin store, web app, or a code. Players have also successfully bought coins from EA authorized sites, such as, although it is vital to be careful when dealing with third party coin sellers.

Does EA allow points purchases via the mobile app?

The simple answer to this question is yes since you can use the companion app if you play using PC. However, while EA permits in-app purchases, they do not allow players to buy coins via the web app and the companion app isn’t available for PlayStation and Xbox users. Such console players must first log in to their console (full game) to purchase points. However, you can use points on the mobile app without restrictions once you transfer them to your account.FUT players can earn FIFA points by playing weekly matches and SBQs or trading item cards. However, if need points are urgently available, there are various avenues available for doing so, including EA authorized websites.

How to purchase FIFA points for the companion app

As aforesaid, EA does not permit the purchase of FIFA points through the web app, which means you must be within the game to buy points using real money. The process will depend on the platform you are playing. Currently, FIFA only permits coin purchases using the companion app for PC players. To buy FIFA coins using this method, follow these steps:

  •       Open the FIFA companion app on your android phone
  •       Log into your account and tap on the FIFA Points tab
  •       Select a bundle and confirm your purchase to have the points transferred to your gaming account
  •       If you have enough funds, the transfer will start automatically. Otherwise, you will be redirected to choose any of the recommended payment options to add funds to your account.

FIFA points are sold in bundles, so you should pick one you have enough funds to buy. Once you confirm the purchase, the points will be downloaded and automatically added to your account.

Purchasing FIFA points in-game vs. companion app

Players that enjoy FIFA on the go can buy FIFA points using the in-app purchase features provided. However, some point packs are only available for in-app purchases, while others are unique to the Android app.  Point packs also use different pricing rules, so you can find deals exclusive to the companion app. Both in-app and companion app purchases are reliable. It all depends on your personal preferences and the point packs you are aiming for. If you want to purchase large amounts of FIFA points, it is recommended that you do so within the console (game).

Using FIFA coin sellers

If you need points urgently, there’s always the option of using third-party websites that sell FIFA coins and points. However, this method presents various challenges, mainly the risk of getting illegitimate points or falling victim to scam offers. Since EA will penalize you or ban your account for using illegal coins and points, it is vital to stick to EA authorized sites that can guarantee legit offers. You can go through user reviews to determine if the site is trusted and have verifiable references. Besides EA authorization and reputation among players, you can also review the speed of transaction, trading methods, security, customer service and refund policy.

Earning FIFA points naturally

The most recommended method of restocking your depleted FIFA coin reserve involves completing the weekly objectives, participating in SBQs and playing as many games as possible. The process is slow and painful, especially for new FIFA players. However, it earns you legitimate coins that won’t risk your account in any way. You can also use the Origin platform, which is powered by EA, although this option won’t get you affordable rates since it is designed to make profits for EA.


Like coins, FIFA points are inseparable from the game and allow players to trade item cards, purchase player packs and upgrade their FUT squads for top-level competition. If you play on the go, learning how to buy FIFA points on mobile is essential. Unfortunately, the organic method for earning points is time-consuming and overwhelming, considering you have to complete numerous games. As such, most seasoned players rely on other means, such as purchasing points from FIFA coin websites. If you settle for this method, make sure you choose trustworthy sellers that can provide 99% guarantee that your account will not be penalized.


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