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Canadian cozie is a Canadian tax deduction and crowd funding firm. The company is sister concern of SIOM organization. The main objection Canadian cozie is to provide an easy and successful tax planning and crowd funding experience. It is the finest organization in the service industry and ranked top in Canadian tax deduction sector. They consider themselves as partner for each of their client, that’s why they provide several services which can be customize according to the comfort of each client .The firm work as a trusted contact between the donors and recipients. From basic packages to premium packages, terms and conditions and personal assistance through CozieTax , a one on one medium of communication between the clients and company , are all developed to offer the most comfort for their clients. Thousands of users are getting benefit from the amazing services of Canadian cozie from a decade. The firm offers exclusive tax deduction plans which can be a relief for customers who are planning their tax payments for the year. Canadian cozie provides customized donation plans for their customers to help them lower their tax payables. The tax payables can be minimized through donating others. These donations can be used as expenses to cut the income tax payments for the businesses and individuals.


Canadian cozie have developed largest crowd funding platform in Canada which is dedicatedly operating for more than 10 years. Its professional employees work efficiently to help people understand the process and offers transparent services. The primary motive of Canadian cozie is to make their clients forget all of their worries. It double checks the tax return before filing so that nothing will be forgotten. The company promises to get their customers biggest tax refund and claim to get it in 8 business days which is hardly possible by any other firm in Canada. These services makes its famous and on top in tax deduction framework in Canada. Helping the homeless and feeding the hungry people through its crowd funding service is one of the major achievements of Canadian cozie. Thousands of dollars have been raised from a decade through its trustable crowd funding projects. The service is reliable and used by thousands of people in Canada. As the world is evolving , preventing from spamming and frauds has become difficult for the business and individuals. Canadian cozie make sure that the funding will be used in right means and for the reform of needy people. Canadian cozie operates in Canada but it is not just about Canada. Since the world is more interconnected than ever, the firm has introduced an email facility for the people living outside Canada. Many causes have been raised and completed successfully throughout the years. Be it a social cause or financial support to eliminate severe ailing diseases, Canadian cozie worked remarkably in all the aspects of crowd funding. Many international businesses blindly trusts Canadian cozie’s services and don’t keep an eye on any other competitive platform.

It Saves Your Time

Time is something we all make and take, save and spend and sometimes we have to left few things because of the shortage of time and we have to pay its debts later. Canadian cozie is a life saviour in such situations. A customer will be having enough on its plate without having to worry about their financial planning. Canadian cozie customizes its plan according to the ease of their customers. Knowing that your tax payables summary and planning is in capable hands can take a big weight off your shoulder.


Cost-Effective Solutions For Their Clients

Every individual plan their financial year so that they will be able to keep a balance between necessities and luxuries. Canadian cozie works as a mediator for their clients. Be it handling filing for tax deductions or payables, or giving the best financial advices, Canadian cozie is a prime source of valid information for their clients. Let alone the individuals who want to have some hand on cash by saving through tax deduction and donations, even fundraisers and campaigners who hold an important place in their communities choose to rely on Canadian cozie as they provide services in services charges.


Fully Managed And Monitored

Get a handle on online service is a risk. Several fraud companies have been operating who take a dig on fake crowd funding. To eliminate such risks, Canadian cozie is determined to provide transparent services. It has a team of working professional who are honest with their duties and never compromise on the comforting service which Canadian cozie has promised to deliver. A 24 Hour live chat service with the name of CozieTax  has been initiated to keep an eye on every queries requested by the customers.


Keep Track Of The Flow Of Money

As Canadian cozie is the most trusted ally among crowd funding organizations in Canada, the company allows its customers to tract their receipts. Nothing account payables and receivables, taking care of tax returns , being up-to-date of the latest policies enforced by the Government on Income Tax, receipts of donations and crowd funding are just a few of the things Canadian cozie is responsible for. Cherry on the top is, the customers don’t even need to step out their houses to be acknowledged of these things, Canadian cozie is innovative and apply all modern communication channels for the ease of their customers.

Finally, it may be concluded

  • Canadian cozie is unbeatable in Canadian tax deduct and crowd funding framework because of its unmatched services.
  • It provides easiest proceeding towards tax deduct and feasibility in launching crowd funding for any cause.
  • It promotes donations which is a noble cause and the most practiced exercise to deduct tax payables.
  • It caters individuals as well as businesses to ease their worries.
  • Canadian cozie is innovative and follows modern approaches.
  • It is time saving and trustable with the important documents.
  • It is finely managed and monitored.
  • Its professional staff is friendly and helpful for its customers.
  • It provide online facilities to provide comfort to its customers



Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.