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Canadian Gold Coins for Investment Purposes



Canada is a nation known for hockey, cold winters, and maple syrup. The country is a hot destination and the envy of many in the world. As a former British colony, it has a strong history of traditions. One aspect not commonly associated with Canada is coins. Canadian coins are great for investing, are regal, and a bargain. They are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The mint has been producing coins since 1908. The coins were modeled after a similar system as British coins. The Canadian Maple Leaf coin is an excellent choice for investing. It is highly desired for its pure gold content. It is considered a stable value that is resistant to financial uncertainty.

There is still much to reveal about the Canadian Maple Leaf coin. A word commonly associated with it is magnificent. On one side, you will see the maple leaf. This was chosen as a choice because of its significance to Canadian culture. The leaves are pointy and well defined. The other side has Queen Elizabeth II. She is there because of her strong ties to the development of Canada. For the wording, Canada and fine gold are in English. Be wary of anyone that tries to sell you a coin that does not have these features. The sizes of the coin vary. The smaller sizes include 1/10th ounce, ¼ ounce and ½ ounce.

If you do not like or want to buy Canadian Maple Leaf coins cite, there are a few other options. Commemorative coins exist from the Canadian mint. They are also known for their high gold content. Since Canadian gold coins are known for design work, you should check out the Canadian Gold Elk Coin. This gold coin is also produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and features the iconic elk on its reverse as well as the profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

If you want to celebrate natural wildlife, there are also bison coins. For those of you not familiar with Canada, bison are a very popular animal associated with the western frontier. Birds are also common in migratory patterns throughout Canada. To celebrate this, there are birds of prey coins. Other wilderness focused coins include the grizzly bear and silver moose. Compared to other countries, Canada really highlights their relationship to nature in their coins.

Still, if you haven’t found a coin you like, you can always invest in coins from other countries. Similar bullion coins exist from the US, Britain, South Africa, Germany, and many other nations. If you decided to buy a Canadian coin, there are several ways to ensure you get your money’s worth. Vet all sources. Research the value and importance of each. Do you care more about return on investment? Or for personal appreciation? Avoid any dealer that claims exclusive deals. These coins are frequently produced and easy to buy. They are also easy to sell, which is an advantage. Many firms have a buyback policy. This is a great back up plan. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the purchase.

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