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For any cat owner, it is necessary to arbitrate between household food and industrial food and in this second case; it is still advisable to choose between standard food and premium food. This choice is certainly not to be neglected, the diet being at the base of the well-being and health of your cat. Indeed, much pathologysees their appearance and their development linked to the diet of your companion.


All about household food

It is a perfectly valid choice from the moment you are able to respect the balance of rations … Meat (or fish) cereals, green vegetables, but also oil, brewer’s yeast as well as an essential complement of vitamins and minerals. Household food is unbeatable in terms of freshness, but it is quite difficult to prepare without advanced knowledge of animal nutrition and dietetics. It also requires greater investment (time and money) and is characterized by a relatively short shelf life.

All about industrial food

It is a choice which favors great practicality (conservation, speed of preparation) and offers you the assurance that the nutritional balance of your cat is perfectly respected. It is also necessary to distinguish “standard” type foods from “premium” foods, you can check out affordable cat food.

All you need to know about standard foods

Available in non-specialized supermarkets (hypermarkets), these foods are generally not very specific, that is to say that they do not take into account the age of your cat or his particular needs. Rather affordable, they contain more fatty elements, display a lower nutritional value and are much less digestible than premium foods.

All about premium food

They are sold in specialized circuits, are of superior quality and are segmented by specific ranges according to the age, lifestyle or even the breed of your cat. Whether a kitten , an adult cat showing great activity, a cat living in an apartment, a sterilized cat, a breed cat with long hair or even ‘a senior cat , there is always a premium food adapted to it.  Discover Preplan cat kibbles to provide quality food for your cat.


To tell the difference between standard food and premium food, do not hesitate to try one and then the other and observe your cat’s stool, which is very revealing of its digestive state. With premium foods, the stools are less frequent, more molded, smaller in size and with a less strong odor.The intestinal obstruction in cats is often caused by the presence of a foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract. It can be hairballs swallowed by the cat. We can prevent their appearance by brushing it regularly and giving it special kibbles. It is advisable to provide water and catnip so that the feline can purge itself, but also to avoid that it swallows small parts while playing. This is especially true for kittens that discover their environment with their mouths.

As the name suggests, an intestinal obstruction acts on the digestive system of the cat. It is normal for the main symptoms to appear in the stool. Your cat may have diarrheal episodes, but this symptom is uncommon. Most often, it is long periods of constipation in cats that are indicative of a gastrointestinal obstruction. You can observe the stool when changing the litter: if there are traces of blood, this shows that there are lesions in the intestines or anus. This is an indication that should not be overlooked. In the case of even small amounts of blood, your cat should be taken quickly to the nearest veterinarian.

The gastrointestinal obstruction can be at the beginning of the intestine or at the end. If the obstruction is at the start, your cat may experience particularly nauseating nausea and vomiting. This condition is usually accompanied by fever. Your cat’s stomach problems will prevent it from feeding. So watch his bowls to determine if he is hydrating properly and if he hasn’t changed his eating habits. Sudden weight loss, similar to an anorexic condition, is also indicative of a gastric problem that may turn out to be a total bowel obstruction. In all cases, if the irregularities in your animal’s diet persist, contact a professional to consult. And do not hesitate to offer him food for cats with digestive disorders.