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Cleaning Services For Your Auto



During the production of cars, a protective paint correction, or paintwork, is applied to the body. Even the most stable composition does not withstand the onslaught of external factors – dirt, sun, moisture, mechanical stress of varying severity. The result is clouding, loss of gloss, scratches, chips. And it’s not just aesthetics: the damaged body surface is destroyed over time. In such a situation, professional polishing comes to the rescue. To achieve the perfect result, strict adherence to technology is required: thorough cleaning of the surface from dirt, professional pastes and tools & pasting with protective films in the case of working with a separate part. Professional polishing will not only restore the perfect appearance of the car but also extend its service life.

  • Body Polishing

It is used to eliminate minor scratches and abrasions, restores the car’s interior shine. An ideal solution for relatively for the new cars, as well as before selling a car. Technology: a polishing machine and non-abrasive or fine-grained pastes are used for work, as a result of which the effect on the paintwork is minimal and required when there is severe damage to the top layer of the paintwork. Even serious scratches can be removed using this method. Technology: polishing machines, medium, and coarse-grained abrasive pastes are used. As a result, there is a partial removal of the top layer of varnish on the surface of the paintwork and delicate removal of damage.

Ideal for premium cars – it gives the car its original interior shine and color depth! Maximum attention to every body element is an individual selection of pastes, wheels, and cleaning agents. Technology: professional polishing machines are used, including specialized equipment for cleaning and polishing chrome, medium, and coarse-grained abrasive pastes. Working with varnish is as delicate as possible. Attention is paid to every detail.

It represents the final stage of polishing. Using this method, it is possible to protect the car body from possible chemical influences and give the body a deep shine and presentable look for a long time. Technology: different types of coating are used wax, Teflon, ceramics, liquid glass. The last two options are considered the most effective. Depending on the chosen coating, a protection period of 3 months to 2 years is provided.

  • For Car Glass

Car glass polishing is increasingly required as there are many imported models on the streets. In Europe and Japan, soft types of glass are used for the safety of passengers. But softness turns into a disadvantage when acid precipitation falls or drivers use wipers intensively. Car glass is polished when it appears: scratches (single and multiple), surface cracks that do not penetrate through, plaque, and persistent sediment & turbidity (due to natural influences and artificial reagents).

Detailing polishing is an analog of abrasive polishing of the body, characterized by an integrated approach, where maximum attention is paid to every detail of the car. The very procedure of detailing polishing is quite complicated and requires deep knowledge and rich practical experience from the master. When polishing the car body detailing at CAR-STILE, we use an individual approach, choosing pastes, circles, polishes, and cleaning compounds based on the type of varnish, the method of painting, and the state of the coating of a particular car.