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“Digital marketing will stay with us for as long as the internet lives.” The statement above is a fact, not fiction. Although many businesses try to shy away from digital marketing, from being online and interacting with their customers, it doesn’t negate the power of the internet.

The problem, Cody Cruz says, is that many businesses still aren’t in tune with the changing world of digital marketing.

“Many companies still play by the old rules: tell the people what you want, not what they want. This rule doesn’t work anymore. It stopped working a long time ago,” Cody says.

Many changes will catch businesses that aren’t prepared unawares. The changes may come swiftly, some slowly, but changes are brewing underneath. Such changes are not the type to leave such businesses standing; instead, they will go under.

Cody Cruz believes that as a digital marketer, his number one job is to not only follow the trend but predict it. And if possible, with enough work and luck, create the trend. Such trendsetters provide value that far outlives the creator and organization it was created for.

“The changes in marketing will range from AI-inspired marketing to predominantly voice searches and marketing. In five years from now, my prediction is that the power of marketing will move off the hands of traditional marketers and into the hands of humanistic digital marketers.

“Humanistic marketers are people who understand the customers they’re selling to. And see these customers like humans and not just numbers.”

For every digital marketer, be consistent. My team and I are dedicated to building long-lasting trust with our vast clientele.

We will achieve this by consistently delivering world-class content to our clients and meeting our clients’ every marketing and branding goal.

Cody Cruz, a talent manager, and voice-over artist, also believe that trust will be a significant business currency in the coming years.

“Business will only hand over their products and services to you when they trust you as a company.” This is the reason why businesses and digital marketers alike will have to create PR images that showcase the business as a trustworthy player.

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