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Considering Going to University? A Guide for Adult Learners



University is for everyone. You can start at any time, you can go back, you can progress, and you can change tracks at any age. Though undergraduate degrees are mostly populated with young adults, that does not mean that you don’t have a place. You may be going back to university to change career tracks, or this may be your first time attending.

There are programs out there for you, and with the rise in online education more options than ever. If you have been considering attending university, use this guide to help you understand your options:

What You Need to Know About Online Education

Online education has taken the world by storm and opened the doors for older adults to start a degree. Online degrees were often eschewed in the past because they were difficult to use and sometimes even hard to understand. Since the pandemic, massive amounts of investments have been put into online education tools, making them more effective and enjoyable to take on than ever.

Most universities today offer a mix of degree options. This applies to some of the most infamous all the way down to great affordable options like Marian University.

What You Need to Know About Campus Education

Though an online degree or certificate will likely be your go-to approach if you need to take on your education part-time, know it isn’t your only option. Many online degrees have short on-campus components that will let you learn with a hands-on approach while keeping the bulk of your education remote. You can also learn via the night school framework.

If you can and want to take on your degree or program in a full-time capacity, of course, all programs will welcome you, regardless of your age. When applying, always use your work and life experience to help improve your chances of acceptance.

Take Advantage of All the Available Resources

Taking a degree means doing more than just learning what is on the curriculum. Some many great resources and opportunities suddenly become available to you. There is an IT services, mental health services, career services, and more. Not only that, but there are also student-run clubs, societies, and even competitions and awards you can earn.

If you take full advantage of all the options available to you as a student, you can set yourself up for success.

This doesn’t mean that you should overload yourself. Take on extracurricular activities if and when you have the time and energy for them. As for the school-based resources, use them liberally whenever you need them.

Don’t Stop There

If you want to set yourself up for success, then you won’t want to stop at what your university or college can offer. Start building your own brand today. This works for every career, thanks to social media and the Internet. If you can establish your name and cultivate a great digital presence, you will immediately work to improve your job hunting experience in the future.