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Creative Brochure Design Ideas



Brochures are a simple and cost-effective marketing tactic, and their versatility makes them a favorite among marketers in any industry. But no matter how great their potential is, it’s important to know how to create a design that attracts attention to maximize the return on your marketing spend.

Your design looks great and you have a fantastic copy, but this can quickly go to waste if it’s not printed right. Make sure you get the most out of your brochure by having it professionally printed with Vista print. Vista print is the brochure provider of choice for small businesses, with its affordable price and great turnaround time. And if you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect brochure design, you can easily choose from their over 10,000 templates or get help from one of their professional designers. Brochures are often marketing materials given away at events, providing attendees with maps, schedules and additional information on what the event is all about. They also double as souvenirs or keepsakes for the event itself, so they have to embody the spirit of the event in a way that will be memorable.

This educational brochure takes die-cut designs into something more than a pretty accent on your brochure. It grabs the opportunity to relay important information in an engaging and fun way to make it more memorable. Featuring a product in your brochure? Make sure to utilize white space to improve your brochure design. Notice how colors make white space a memorable feature in this example. It helps the images and important information stand out. If you don’t know where to start, companies like Design Bro will help you design your custom boxes and packaging with the help of professional, experienced brochure designers. From box size to specialty fillers such as padding and product wraps, a custom box program is crafted to fit, protect, and present your items perfectly. Visit Design Bro and start your project today. Die-cut brochure should help send your message across, and not just be an accent to a design. This example is for a travel business, and the die cut quickly tells potential customers for whom or what their featured destination is for.

A trifold map is not often used for showcasing maps, but this example shows how to do so effectively. This zoo brochure maintains the high quality of the layout and design while providing a large amount of information for a brochure this size. The images and map makers are also clear and easy to read. Want to make sure your brochure stands out while staying within a budget? Use a different shape, orientation or fold to accomplish your goal. This will showcase your brand’s personality without costing a fortune. Architects need a brochure that provides the most impact for their audience. This unique style of fold is like opening your doors to invite your potential clients in to take a look at your latest project. Keep the images sharp and the perspective just right to achieve this effect. The spilling over of colors from one border to another is not a new style, but the choice of fold makes for a significant difference. Make sure to use rich colors in the same tone and that the fonts are readable and the same all throughout, just like in this example.

We love this book publishing’s creative use of block colors in their brochure. They took advantage of the style and turned it into an interactive play to encourage readers to engage. Great way to impress anyone at a business proposal or marketing campaign.

Your brochure doesn’t have to be as small as this, but a photographer’s brochure can do well with a creative idea, as shown in the example. Your mini portfolio with minimal text should get readers excited about your next art show or book publishing. If you’re featuring a recipe in your brochure, add a creative style to your images. It doesn’t always have to conform to a step-by-step list. Try a photo collage and give your readers a chance to take a food journey through your brochure. Calendars are a great way to make sure your target customers keep your brochure. Work with a color palette and look into the color-emotion relationship. Avoid too many extra images unless they are used as an overlay on the background and do not overwhelm the calendar. This is a template but it’s also a design from Canva worth sharing. A trifold pizza brochure that makes use of a striking anchor image without losing visibility of the text. It’s particularly important for key information and a fun caption to stand out if you want readers to open your brochure.