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Profiles like “Rosa Iris”, “Miketokz”,”Atuedad” and “Pio La Ditingancia” are some of the few examples of DaRealMedia’s fine work. The DaRealMedia alone shares an audience of over 140K.

Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have been the source of income for many livelihoods. Over time the number of influencers kick starting their career on the internet has highly increased.

However starting off your career as an influencer is never easy and is not the work of a lone person. But requires a whole corporation to assist the person onto the path. Which is what DaRealMedia is all about.

The firm being mastered by a young entrepreneur he showed many celebrities around, assisted them and helped them gain an audience of millions. DaRealMedia built a strong and a reliable company aiding individuals  to grow internationally as well as nationally.

Even though his face remains a secret the man does not stop to inspire influencers and pitch in follower’s for them. The faceless man offers the influencers to be sponsored by big brands, commercials and paid advertisements.

His goal is highly concentrated in polishing and making the influencers shine instead of casting a shadow on their fan following. This provides us with the reason why this man would like to stay a nobody and help others that are deserving.

In addition to their work in handling  the careers of both the influencers and the artists he also helps the people robbed off of basic necessities of life. His efforts in providing people a way to earn living never decelerates, especially during these hard pandemic times.

DaRealMedia is making great effort in expanding their roots to facilitate not only the influencers but also the needy. The project, QAAR, being an exemplar behaviour assisted people with taxi applications. It also allowed people to keep the earned profit 100% to themselves and not give it away to their owner.

In this cruel and unjust world we all need someone like this man. His performances are indeed praiseworthy.