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Day brightness: Tips to wear these clothes in the best way



Day brightness: Tips to wear these clothes in the best way

It is likely that if we tell you: glitters, metallic colors or sequins, the image of a dress for marriage or a carnival costume will come to mind. But from now on, if you are looking to renew your outfit by day with clothes that conform to the latest trends in fashion, you should consider clothes with glitter, strong and bright colors.

Tips from an expert

If you are going to wear glitter on the day, it is best to combine them with more casual clothes so as not to appear gala. As for which? They can be garments that are notoriously relaxed and warm colors. In addition, she recommends that only one item of the look have brightness. Some examples that creative & style Manager gives us are:

  • Boots with glitter and frayed jeans.
  • A metallic jacket with a basic t-shirt and torn jeans are also a good option.

If at night you have a special event, Consuelo points out that there is no restriction, “for the night there are no rules: brightness more neutral colors, brightness more casual clothes, brightness more sportswear, brightness more brightness, in short, everything is allowed”

A trend for all

Not all of us are equal, and many times we get stuck and get complicated when dressing. That is why to feel comfortable we highlight what we like most about our body and also the other way around if there is something that bothers us we try to make it go unnoticed.

The glitters are always going to get attention, so if you are going to use, try to make it a garment that highlights what you like best about your body. For example, if you don’t like your legs very much, it may not be a good option to wear silver leggings.

Feel comfortable!

If you like this trend you just have to dare, “sometimes we are afraid to stand out too much or look too colorful, that has to do more with our insecurities than with something else, you just have to dare,” says the specialist, but is emphatic in pointing out that “you don’t have to wear glitters just because they are fashionable, if they don’t identify you, but this trend aside and move on to the next one.” For more glittering products please visit the

Here are five tips for using glitter correctly

  1. Cardigans: The glitter in this type of garments look spectacular, you can wear them with a casual outfit (jeans + t-shirt + sneakers) and you will look spectacular, both day and night. Remember to combine them with casual clothes and you will love the result!
  2. Gloss or matte: Try both shapes, with more or less light, and choose which one works best with you. Both will give a chic touch to your clothes.
  3. Shades: Although these glitters can be used day or night, opt for dark colors for dinner and night parties, as they will make your ensemble more formal. Remember that these will always be more elegant and easy to combine.
  4. Accessories: It is not necessary to wear sequins only on the garments, wear a casual outfit and add a bag or heels that have some of this material.
  5. Makeup: It depends on the time of day you use the sequins. If you do it during the day, bet on natural makeup and nude mouth, while for the night, you can choose cherry-colored lips.


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