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Decoding Mark Lachance’s Formula in Attracting Luck into Business and Life



Luck is something that everyone wants, but when it comes to luck, most people don’t know how to get it. They wait for good fortune to come knocking at their door and when they’re not lucky enough for that, they give up hope in the possibility of ever being lucky again. However, there’s a secret that will help you attract more luck into your life- and Mister Lucky himself, author and entrepreneur Mark Lachance knows it.

Luck is a result of the choices we make. While it may seem like luck plays the major role in whether something good or bad happens, this isn’t always the case. Being lucky can be controlled and crafted, which Mark expounds in his latest book, “The Lucky Formula”.

The Lucky Formula is a book that will help you create your own luck by following its strategy. The author shares anecdotes about how certain events in his past led him on career path and reveals all his misfortunes and flaws as well as advice for others looking to do the same thing

– all while revealing secrets behind unlocking opportunities with this elusive force we call “luck.”

Mark is currently busy handling multiple business including one of Canada’s Top TikTok ad spend agencies, MaxyMedia. Innovative and intuitive advertising campaigns are the norm at MaxyMedia. The company’s Ad creation platform helps them to launch successful campaigns across social media channels- all thanks to their talented Gen Z team. Along with dominating the TikTok advertising market, they also lead in Facebook & Twitter Ads too.

With his decades of experience and vast knowledge in leadership development, lead generation, finance, he has successfully turned entrepreneurship into an art. In fact over the last two decades, Mr Lachance’s ventures have been a hit with more than dozen successful projects under his belt due. What really sets him apart from other entrepreneurs though isn’t just all this success – but rather it stems from one goal: recruiting people who are dedicated enough to learn skills needed for taking on challenges.

As a self-made entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, Mark knows how to empower his employees. And that’s why he loves coaching motivated people who want nothing but success for themselves and the company they work so hard at. He teaches on leading in an effective way where there are both personal challenges as well as professional ones – it gives him great joy when someone leaves feeling empowered because their passion becomes evident through this process which is not only good for them personally or professionally; but also has global impact too.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success.

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