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Diving into the decadent French macaroons Courtesy of Chef Adam Schihab at Vanille Patisserie



Chef Adam Schihab is a well-renowned patisserie with excellent innovative and creative skills that have been wooing the globe for more than a decade now. He started off his career in Paris as a patisserie and has now successfully transitioned into the savory spectrum of the food industry too. But despite the transition, his pastry and dessert skills didn’t hinder a bit; in fact, his rich sweet menu options at Vanille Restaurant at Al Khobar will praise the chef’s capabilities even more.

But what remains one of the most popular and decadent desserts by Chef Schihab is his French Macaroons, from delivering it over and over with variation on different continents. And gracing his fan base and others with a recipe book, “The island chef” with his exclusive French macaroons recipe showcases the appeal of this dessert.

For those who don’t know about macaroons, these are meringue-based sweet desserts; a biscuit look a like made up of egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food coloring. This .a very delicate dessert to create, it may seem simple and appealing to the eye, but the technique and patience that goes into it are commendable.

There are various ways of baking macarons, the Italian way, which is more crumbly, while the French way the more decadent popular methods, which is less sweet, more cheesy, and tastes more like almond.  The reason French ones are more popular because they retain their shape, are very delicious and are comparatively healthy.

And considering these factors, Chef Schihab introduced laduree style French macarons at Vanille Restaurant. These macrons not only come in different sizes and colors but have different flavors to choose from. The most common is Pistachios macaroon. The rich texture macrons biscuit with ladurée pistachio cream filling melts in your mouth like a dream, with perfect sweetness, chewiness, this one is by far the favorite. Other flavors included salted caramel, strawberry, chocolate, and more. He also has introduced a more local favorite flavor Halwa Bahrain, a cardamom and saffron-infused macaron.

Not only that, he has recently surprised everyone with his remarkable macron creation, a macron burger with dark chocolate ganache in the middle. This goes without saying that Chef Schihab not only has the expertise to present an outstanding dish but is good with creativity and keeps his customers’ palettes salivating and eyes tempted.

If you find yourself in Saudia Arab at Al Khobar and having a sweet budding desire to have something delicious, then be sure to try Chef Schihab’s macaroon, and for those, it may not be accessible, head over to his website where he has the recipe of one of his popular flavored macron or buys his recipe book “The island Chef” and create this indulgent creation at home and get wooed.

It’s safe to say that Chef Schihab is creating a Patisserie legacy with his decadent desserts, such as his famous French macaroons.

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