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Do you plan to remodel your bathroom? Keep these tips in mind first!



If the idea of ​​remodeling your bathroom has been spinning in your head, it is necessary that you do a preliminary investigation, both for minor changes to change the latest ceramic that will lead to a successful and uncomplicated renovation.

In this article we guide you through the whole remodeling process and in our experience we assure you that the renovations of the bathrooms leave up to 60% return on investment if you plan to sell your house. So not only will you feel more comfortable in a new environment, but when you decide to change your home, the money you invested in the changes can be recovered.

How much do I want to spend on remodeling?

A bathroom remodels on average costs $ 20,000, but that varies depending on what you do. A change of toilet can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Knowing cost to add a bathroom, you can spend will prevent you from having illusions with items that do not fall within your budget, and does not worry about having a small budget, this does not necessarily mean that you should limit your options, and there are many options for different types of prices.

Who will use the bathroom?

Considering which members of the house will be using the bathroom will help you be specific with your options, if the bathroom will be used by children, you will need a bathtub or a tub/shower duo, and this will also add an extra to the house when selling at least to families with small children.

You also need to consider who will be using the bathroom when you choose the floor. While the polished floor can look great, it can be very risky to slip. Slippery floors are particularly dangerous for the youngest and the elderly, the most logical is to use laminate or textured ceramics.

Do you want the bathroom the same size or will you enlarge?

The bathroom usually has an average of 40 square feet. If you want to expand it, it probably involves moving walls and reducing the size of adjacent rooms or closets. The positive aspect is obvious, more space to relax in the bathroom, the negative part is that these types of expansions are expensive and take more time than you need.

What impact will remodeling the bathroom have on your daily life?

Do you have a list of priorities, bathroom remodel will improve the time you are ready? The distribution will be more functional? The location of things will help you find them more easily? Usually, the remodeling of the bathroom takes 25 days. Take into account the discomfort that you may have during the time that the bathroom is in remodeling because if you take it on the fly it can be stressful to organize everything at the last minute.

Analyze the time you will be in that house

If you plan to stay for many years consider leaving spaces for mobility accessories as support bars. If in your plans you are moving in a few years, remodel only the details that you know that can leave you good return on investment and that last over time as replace the floor, cabinets, or accessories such as mirrors or taps, which always they make a good impression when entering a bathroom when they are in good condition.

Make sure to install accessories or storage elements

The bathrooms are typically smaller spaces of the house but this does not mean you cannot add accessories to store items such as hair dryers, brushes, jewelry, towels, and toiletries. Includes in the remodeling, cabinets, baskets, and everything that serves as storage.

Make an investigation about the material from which your house is built

If the property is very old, make sure that the material under the siding is not too complicated to change, or it is not expired, this can get in the way of remodeling, have an expert evaluate the condition of the construction of the bathroom before beginning to remodel.

Think about the design style you will use

When buying the bathroom elements that you are going to change, make a previous list of the style, and try to acquire them in the set, in this way the bathroom will look harmonious and everything will combine perfectly as for example, bathroom curtain combined with sink accessories and combinable pictures.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.