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Download the authentic Blackmart directly in self-updating apk



Download the authentic Blackmart directly in self-updating apk

It is no secret that downloading software from what is known as alternative stores, such as Blackmart, can be dangerous, but we cannot deny its benefits. For starters, although virtually everything is accepted on Google Play, we can find APK files that Google doesn’t want in its app store. On the other hand, we can also get “medicated” applications for which, at first, we will not have to pay even one dollar.

In this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about Blackmart, also known as Black Market, such as where to download its APK and how to install it for free on any Android device, as long as you use a software version with which the application is compatible. You have this and more information below.

How to download Blackmart (Black Market) for free

One thing must be clear: Blackmart, like all alternative software stores I know, is a free application, so be careful if you find something online that asks you for money. In any case, in this small installation guide, we will provide you with the link to download the Blackmart APK from its official website We will download the application by following these simple steps.

  • We open a web browser that allows us to download files. For example, I have used Firefox.
  • We go to the website of the store by touching this link. If what we want is to use the version of any country, we can do it by touching directly on this link or on the flag of that country if we had used the previous link.
  • We slide down and touch where it puts Download Blackmart or directly on this link.
  • The download will begin and only remain to be installed.

How to install Blackmart on Android

This will already depend a little more on the device on which we want to install it by its interface, Android version or browser that we have used to download the APK. Basically we would have to follow these steps:

  1. We access the browser downloads section that we have used to download the APK of the alternative store.
  2. We touch on the installer file that at the time of writing these lines and as you can see in the capture is called blackmart_apk.apk.
  3. At this time, if we do not have the option to install applications from unknown sources activated, it will ask us to activate it. We are going to a setting, which is automatic in my device, and we activate the box.
  4. We will have the option to allow only one installation or all. I always allow only one to be installed, so it can happen.
  5. At this point, we will see the installation options of the application. We read the permissions that you ask us if we are a little suspicious and then tap on Install.
  6. The installation will begin. We wait for it to end.
  7. Finally, we can find two options: the first and most likely is to notify us that there is an update available, to which I recommend installing it. If we install it, we will have to go back to step 3 of this tutorial, but step 5 will not appear. The second option is that there is no update, so we will start using the app and download applications.

How to get around Blackmart

Well, I think the interface of this “black market” is very intuitive, but we will explain it to those who are a bit more clueless. We will meet two tabs:

Applications: Here we will see the apps that are available in this alternative store.

Device: From here we will see the apps that we have installed on our Android device.

What interests us is what the Applications tab offers us. In it we will also have five options (they appear when you touch on the nearest one), which are:

  • Applications, from where we will see the apps.
  • Games, guess what we’ll see here?
  • Recent, where we will see all kinds of apps that have just uploaded to this alternative store.
  • Top applications, the most downloaded applications.
  • Top games, from where we will see the most downloaded games.

If what we want is to perform a search, we can do it by touching the magnifying glass. And from the three points we will access the options, from where we can see the information of the app, enter the configuration to change the image of the store, send comments to its developers and the ordering mode, from where we can ask you to order us apps according to their name, size, price (ahem …), downloads, valuation or date. By default, the option “Downloads” is checked. We can also select that the order is ascending or descending and apply a filter between all, paid or free.

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