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Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, a Multi-talented Kuwaiti Personality, Demonstrating Massive Success in Various Fields as a World Class Athlete and More!



Dr Ali AlSaqoby

In the recent years, Dr Ali AlSaqoby a highly multi-talented individual from Kuwait had took the world by storm owing to his tremendous talents, unique style and versatility; he has demonstrated a new level of success balancing between various fields perfectly.

How many successful dentists do we know managed to make themselves count as elite athletes? Probably very few! Dr Ali had went beyond just being a successful dentist and elite athlete (as a soccer skills player) to be also a renowned social media influencer and serial entrepreneur, according to international business times he is an entrepreneur to watch in 2021!

The young doctor managed to introduce a new unique niche of performing multiple career paths that turned onto an inspiring masterpiece, for those that aspire to achieve big in their lives. This is reflected on his huge following across social media whose lives were transformed via his display of unique lifestyle through his charismatic personality.

As quoted by his Instagram captions “Some people will not get motivated unless they know it is possible, they do not know it is possible unless they see it is done before”.  Dr. Ali AlSaqoby had showed that there is nothing impossible; many might think that working demanding job will prevent you from living a very exciting lifestyle! In Dr. Ali’s case it was completely debunked leading by example as a successful dentist and prominent athlete.

Beside his success in social media world, he has made his way to big news at a global level due to his extraordinary athletic ability in soccer juggling.  His journey with soccer started at an early age in Kuwait where he demonstrated a very admirable skill set. Growing up, he adapted the sport of soccer skills named soccer freestyle in which he showed the world his incredible skills through videos, international competitions and events.

During his quest to raise Kuwait’s name high in this new sport as a talented pioneer. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby managed his time well to maintain his academic studies very well as he was studying dentistry abroad as a scholarship student. Infact, he received the second most talented dental student award. This is despite his active lifestyle of travelling whilst being a student! The athlete travelled many places in the world to perform, in which he has participated in Expo Milan where he received a positive response for his exceptional performance. He was counted as “one of the most influential individuals in Expo Milan” when he received a gift from the head of the EXPO delegation.

Dr Ali AlSaqoby performing incredible soccer shows in EXPO Milan, Italy

Currently, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is contributing to Kuwait soccer by organizing workshops, events, and championships. He is a Kuwait Freestyle President recognized by the World Freestyle Soccer Association. Last time, he took part as a judge in the world-renowned championship titled, Redbull StreetStyle World championship’s national qualifier. Using his expertise and knowledge, he picked a winner for representing Kuwait in the world finals that took place in Miami, US. According to many sources he will be releasing a new book soon about soccer freestyle! With no doubt we encourage our viewers to check it out.