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Eight Questions with Posnel Aristene Founder Of #KayPapyLLC



#KayPapyLLC is combines technology and human expertise to create a hybrid solution. Any influencer program can be scaled with our streamlined influencer identification, activation, performance tracking, real-time reporting, and optimization processes. More than 100 countries worldwide form our worldwide community of creators, allowing us to work with brands from all industries.

Who are the ‘influencers’ in your opinion?

According to Posnel Aristene creators isn’t that they are influencers – rather it is that they create great content, and generating influence is a byproduct. Creators do what they love for a living, and they empower themselves to do so. These are the new generation of content kings and queens, the creative artists of our time, the unique voices. Each and every day, people all over the world are able to enjoy art and storytelling thanks to them.

When searching for influencers, what are the most important metrics?

Finding the right people to collaborate with is not just about metrics. We expect engagement rate at least a 1% for each post on our account, based on the following metrics: follower count (our minimum is 5000 followers). Aside from the audience demographics of the creators you may partner with, you should also consider the brand affinity of the partnering brand and the creator’s following. Posnel Aristene also genuinely love and enjoy the brands they promote, on top of all the above metrics.

In what way did a client use #KayPapyLLC to create an influencer marketing campaign you liked and why?

Coca-Cola comes to mind when we think about our clients, but we work with marketers from all sorts of industries. A large roster of creators was activated for Coca-Cola Life, their newest beverage. This campaign was unique in that we matched Coca-Cola with creators who, as they got older and turned into health-conscious individuals, craved less of the beverage. Posnel Aristene have painted a very personal story for the brand, from foodies to fashion & lifestyle bloggers to parent bloggers.

Is there any difference between micro-influencers and celebrity influencers in your opinion?

Influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements are entirely different marketing channels. Celebrity endorsements have their time and place, but influencer marketing is more scalable and a critical part of any marketer’s media mix for many reasons.

Audience aimed at

A celebrity with a big following typically appeals to a much larger audience, and an audience with a wide appeal will also have a wide appeal. The best marketing campaigns speak directly to their target audiences with well-targeted messaging.


If you work with mid-level influencers (between $50,000 and $250,000.) instead of Selena Gomez, your budget would be much more effective. You would reach more people, and your content would be better targeted.

How can influencer marketing have a positive impact beyond just content creation and that most marketers overlook?

Influencer marketing, in addition to creating content, also lends credibility and reputation to your brand. Influencer marketing and social media marketing should be combined by most brands to maximize results and ROI. It’s important to consider creator content as high-performing and engaging content. This idea is often overlooked by marketers who fail to amplify their collaboration posts in order to take full advantage of them. It is highly recommended to incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing mix.

In your opinion, how should influencer campaigns be measured to determine their ROI?

ROI can be measured in a number of different ways based on the campaign’s goal. The campaign’s reach can be determined with followers, impressions, and referral traffic. Clicks, reactions, likes, and shares can be used to measure campaign engagement.

Know your campaign’s objectives before choosing the right measurement! Big companies might be interested in branding KPIs, but small businesses may focus more on direct sales. We studied the effectiveness of influencer marketing with Nielsen to demonstrate its unique benefits. You can find out more about the study here.

What do you expect influencer marketing to look like in ten years?

Over the next 10 years, I expect influencer marketing to continue scaling and growing, with more brands and marketers including it as an integral part of their marketing plans. Users will be able to get a better sense of their metrics through apps like Instagram that will assist in measuring ROI effectively. Brands and creators will have new options to amplify their content and marketing messages as new social networks launch.

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