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Elon Musk wants more freedom of speech on Twitter, but there are limits



Elon Musk is taking over Twitter. The billionaire is committed to more freedom of expression and wants to make adjustments to the network. But even under Musk, Twitter cannot afford complete freedom.

Musk believes that Twitter in its current form is not achieving its social goal of being a platform for free speech. It is not yet entirely clear what he wants to change for this.

Recently, Twitter has introduced much stricter rules. For example, users are not allowed to share child abuse messages, coordinated state propaganda is prohibited and tweets that may contain disinformation are labeled as such.

“Musk will also have to admit that not everything is allowed,” says ICT lawyer and professor Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius. “Otherwise Twitter will be filled with spam and porn. That can’t be his intention, because then Twitter will become unusable and ordinary users will walk away.”