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Ending 2021 on a Delicious Note with Erika Schlick’s Help



Just because Christmas has come and gone, it does not mean you cannot still enjoy some fantastic holiday treats to end the year. There are plenty of savory and sweet options to guarantee your last gathering this December is one to remember. That is why we are ending 2021 on a delicious note with Erika Schlick’s help.

Erika Schlick is a world-renowned Health Coach, Blogger, and Cookbook Author. Schlick has been sharing her life, experiences, knowledge, and recipes with The Trail to Health’s readers throughout the last few years. Her creativity knows no limit and has allowed her to create some of the tastiest recipes she shared in her book Wandering Palate. However, as a woman who loves to cook and expand her food knowledge, she continues to create recipes and share them with her followers. That is why she created dishes for the holidays, to help her audience eat healthy and delicious.

Schlick’s holiday menu includes paellas, pasta, steaks, chickens, and seafood.

  • Seafood paella: “Paella is one of my favorite Spanish dishes, and this version is perfect for your holiday gathering. I love making this for holidays and birthday celebrations. I have a delicious version in Wandering Palate that uses cauliflower rice as a grain-free alternative to rice and has just as much flavor as this version with real rice.”
  • Protein-packed puttanesca pasta: “Puttanesca pasta is a classic Italian dish with a slightly checkered past of how it got its name (I will let you google that!). Generally, the pasta has a briny base with anchovies, but this version is 100% plant-based, grain-free, and gluten-free and still captures all of the delicious and aromatic flavors that go into it. Feed a ton of seasonal visitors with one dish.”
  • Tomahawk steak: “Craving steak? This Tomahawk ribeye is seasoned and seared, making for a quick and easy Paleo dinner. Don’t let its size intimidate you, it is quite the easy steak to master.”
  • Roasted chicken: “This humble roast comprises tender chicken, root vegetables, and herbs that are extremely comforting on a cold night. Just combine everything in a pan and bake in the oven until ready to serve. This recipe is from my cookbook, Wandering Palate.”
  • Pistachio crusted Cod: “Pistachios add bright green flair, nutty taste, and crunchy texture to tender Cod. This meal looks incredibly impressive and fit for entertaining.”

The end of the year can be tricky as we face new variants of Covid-19 and are separated from our loved ones. However, ending 2021 on a delicious note with Erika Schlick’s help is possible. Cooking these recipes is one way to try and make the best out of the last few days of the year.