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Environmental And Economic Benefits Of Electric Cars



Within the range of cars that run on ecological fuels, the electric ones take the cake. Electric cars uses ao motors that only need electrical energy to work. Although they have been with us for a relatively short time, this car model has advanced at great speed, offering a series of benefits that we do not find in conventional cars.

It is true that electric cars are still in the development process to perfect some aspects, but since they are already a reality, they become one of the best alternatives for getting around without contributing to the cloud of pollution that forms in many cities.

According to the Spring Free EV the main benefits of electric cars are:

Low Price

Starting with the purchase price of an electric car, we can find that it doubles the amount of a conventional one. Despite this, to promote the purchase of ecological cars, subsidies are launched to lower the price.

Low Fuel Consumption 

Expenditure on fuel is less than what must be done in a diesel or gasoline car to make the same journey. In addition, free charging points that work with solar energy are beginning to be installed in many cities.

Good Speed

Although the maximum speed of an electric car does not usually exceed 130 km/h, this detail can be turned into an advantage, since in this way it is difficult to not respect the speed limits established on the roads.


As we have mentioned, one of the greatest benefits of electric cars is their reduced pollution compared to cars that run on combustion engines. According to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA), 1,000 electric cars corresponds to the non-emission of 30,000 kilos of polluting gases and 2 tons of CO2 per year.

Reduce Noise Pollution

In addition to their contribution to reducing air pollution, electric vehicles also do not produce noise pollution, something that becomes a great nuisance in cities with a greater number of cars.

Low Maintenance

Bearing in mind that the electric car system is simpler and incorporates fewer components, the drivers of this type of vehicle will have to bear less maintenance costs. Similarly, mechanical breakdowns are also lower than in the case of diesel or gasoline cars.

Tax Advantages

In terms of tax advantages, electric cars are exempt from paying registration tax and also benefit from discounts of up to 75% on mechanical traction vehicle tax, according to the municipality.

Other Benefits 

  • Electric vehicles can park totally free in the blue parking areas, although it will also depend on the municipality in question.
  • During the trips, these ecological cars can access the HOV bus lane even when only one person is going and can circulate without any restriction when the cities activate their pollution protocols.
  • They offer greater comfort while driving, as they are extremely quiet and vibrations are almost imperceptible.
  • As a general rule, car insurance for electric models is usually cheaper, due to their particular characteristics.

If you are hesitating to buy an electric car, knowing its many benefits you will have realized that it is a real option to move around any environment, especially in large cities.