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Etoro: New Dimension in World Trading



Etoro is a social exchange and multi-asset brokerage business committed to offering economic and copy trading services.

The new world trading company started as a general trading platform but incorporated cryptocurrency as well as other investment products to cope with the changing conditions and increased importance. eToro provides its services in inventories, commodities, resources, and investment products through its automated trading system so that it can track and allocate exchange for its consumers. Customers allow their transactions to be uploaded to the eToro network, from which they can access several analytical considerations, including the amount of income generated. You will interact with your business as a social network with the international community. eToro can imagine a link between a trading website and a Facebook site.


eToro is an online business company that was first founded in 2007 by a team of fintech pioneers in Israel who decided to make investing more available to regular consumers. At the same moment, they decided to lower their reliance on banking and other conventional financial institutions. eToro initially started as an online trading platform with graphics illustrating investment products and easy navigation. The platform provides many alternative investments and encourages eToro customers to purchase resources in the conventional context as well as differential trading contracts. In 2009, eToro established a trading website, WebTrader, with a wide range of technical services for investors of all levels of experience. One of the most enticing features of eToro is its industry-leading pricing scheme since it is one of the few inventory platforms that allows customers to buy shares on a commission-free level.

Features in eToro that Offer a New Dimension to World Trade

eToro has added a whole new dimension to the era of internet trading by introducing social features to their website. Any of these features are shown below.


CopyTrading is an exciting service on eToro that you can use for crypto and fiat investments. The motivating factor of social exchanging, CopyTrading, allows you to see what actual people are buying in regular time to explore and watch the investors you want, and of course, to copy their trading activities with just a few taps. CopyTrading is a turning point in the industry as it facilitates investors to create a real human-based portfolio. Copy trading is an advancement that enables users to access and copy the track history of other investors, which ensures that they can mirror their transactions. Traders have the potential to become “Popular Investors” if they have a low-risk score and generate stable returns. They will yield benefits for spreading insights. By reaping the benefits of CopyTrading and duplication of a trader that contains cryptocurrency in your portfolio, you can be introduced to a company without having to do too much research.


eToro also provides more sophisticated copy trading tools called CopyPortfolios. This functionality is available for currency transactions as well as conventional fiat trading. It shows a seamless tradable commodity composed of carefully chosen resources or traders of a defined strategy. There are properly managed portfolios that use artificial intelligence and algorithmic investing, and there are two kinds of portfolios. Top Trader Portfolios are composed of the best-performing eToro investors, while Market Portfolios pool a variety of investments under one preferred market strategy. The eToro Investment Committee shall formulate and reshape the CopyPortfolios regularly. There are many CopyPortfolios of cryptocurrency accessible for traders from which to choose.

Famous Investors

Another big advantage is the ‘Famous Investors’ scheme. It benefits the consumer based on how many copies they have in the form of a monthly fee. The program also encourages responsible investing.

Customer Service

Not all brokers have push updates, but eToro does. On the web version, you will get a browser update whenever one of the tools on your watch list reaches its market value, or when the demand is over. You get an update to the software on the mobile version.

Support for Several Dialects 

At present, eToro serves 21 tongues, a large number compared to the vast majority of other brokers.

Standard Economic Calendar

There is a standard economic calendar that shows all future and up-to-date events that can influence your investment.

Cryptocurrency Wallet 

There is a specialized smartphone version for all eToro cryptocurrencies. It has a remarkable resemblance to the eToro mobile app, and you can also monitor social trading from this browser.

Security Features

Investors have the choice of allowing two-factor authentication of their accounts. It is helpful to those who are concerned with keeping their account more secure. 


Not all brokers are providing push alerts, but eToro does. On the web edition, you will get a browser update any time one of the resources on your watch list hits its market valuation, or when the demand is completed. You get an app update on the smartphone edition.


The eToro platform is also very responsive, something that will relate to all. The advanced features of eToro are what gives it strength, like CopyPortfolios and different graphics. Although eToro will not be practical if you would like to trade less popular cryptocurrencies, it is a great choice for those who do want to think about big ones or get to use the same system for both fiat and cryptocurrency trading.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.