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Everything You Need To Know About MMR, League Of Legends



The League of Legends ranked system has many factors. Thus, we can find the ranks, the divisions, the leagues or the points that they give us or take away with each victory. All of them are influenced by an invisible stat that Riot Games never provides. We are talking about lol MMR, a function that allows the system to position players on the ladder and give them more or less points.

Over time, different users have tried to figure out how to find out the MMR of an account. However, it is not something simple since, as we said before, it is not something that Riot Games wants to offer players. However, it seems that a page has been born that calculates this MMR in a way that is quite close to reality, so it could be a more than reliable application.

What is Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a number used by Riot Games to measure a player’s skill level to specify League of Legends. A summoner’s MMR is determined by their in-game performance, and while there’s no sure way to know how it’s calculated, players on a consistent winning streak have seen an improvement in their MMR.

MMR is used for

The MMR also determines the level of the player’s teammates and how strong their opponents will be. The system places people with similar MMR in the same game to improve the gaming experience for everyone. Since the league has different game modes, players have their own MMR for each mode.

How to calculate MMR

The MMR is calculated based on the players’ performance in the game. But no one except Riot knows the specific stats needed to calculate a player’s MMR. The game will automatically change the Summoners’ MMR as more matches are played. Wins and losses are probably the biggest factors, but other important stats could be the player’s KDA, CS per minute, and average player gold per minute, as these are crucial numbers in a game. Certainly, many more numbers are taken into account than any public indicator you can get after the game.

Important part of MMR

The most important part of MMR is that it has to take into account the performance of a player and adjust it to get a fair ranking of all the players playing the game.

Since a player’s MMR determines his teammates and opponents, it plays a crucial role in determining his rating and also his Elo rating. A player with a high MMR will earn more League Points (LP) for a win than a player with a lower MMR, because the opponents he had to face were stronger than the other players he would have encountered.

So a Summoner’s LP gains and losses depend on their MMR, the opponents they faced, and the average MMR of the rank they play at.

 Playing for a player rank above the average MMR will earn you more LP than you would lose if you lost. Also, they would lose more HP if they played against a virtually weaker opposing team.