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Everything you need to know about Trusculpt Flex Treatments



The new TruSculpt Flex Treatment is the innovation to tone, shape your body and increase muscle mass without gaining volume.

It is the latest non-invasive muscle sculpting technology that allows us to customize and adapt a treatment according to the needs and type of silhouette of patients.

Trusculpt Flex is an innovative medical device approved by the FDA to increase muscle mass, strengthen and tone the body.

The devices direct electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) have been known for quite some time and have been used for toning, remodeling and maintain muscle definition.

They usually use electrical impulses generated by a device that are transmitted through electrodes placed on the skin and in this way act on the muscles, stimulating the voluntary nerve impulse.

Initially, these devices were used for muscle rehabilitation after injury. Over time they extended its use for aesthetic medicine to improve physical appearance by increasing muscle tone and firmness.

However, until this appliance was reached, said stimulation did not necessarily produce the expected results.

How the Trusculpt Flex treatment works

The TruSculpt Flex treatment works through complete muscle reshaping using high intensity bio-medical muscle stimulation.

The TruSCULPT® Flex platform, unlike other medical devices, uses a Multidirectional Stimulation Technology (MDS) giving highly effective results on specific muscle groups.

What can you achieve with this treatment?

  • Increase in muscle mass around 30%.
  • Mark and shape the chosen area.
  • Tone without gaining volume.
  • Gain strength.
  • Reduction of localized fat in the area treated by muscle work.

Through its TruControl ™ System it allows to selectively stimulate the muscles that are of interest to the patient.

The muscle adapts to the signal sent, controlling not only the intensity but also the direction of the contraction.

Sensations during treatment

The sensations that can be felt during the treatment are light and very well tolerable.

The patient has to feel that the area is being worked, feel the contractions, but it also has to be pleasant.


During Trusculpt Flex Sessions there may be a tingling sensation or some discomfort as something similar to stiffness after intense exercise in the area.

These sensations are usually temporary, so the treatment is highly tolerable.

The device makes it possible to regulate the intensity at all treatment intervals according to the patient’s tolerance.

Trusculpt Flex Treatment Modes

The Trusculpt Flex Treatment Modes are three and provide different workouts to intensify the actions of the muscles worked.

The treatments have been designed in 45-minute sessions.

During this time, different workouts are simulated, such as twisting movements, squats or short abs, which can be equivalent to performing 54,000 sit-ups or squats.

For people who already train, 4 sessions with intervals of 4 to 7 days are indicated. In the case of people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle, the ideal is to do 6 sessions.

It is not recommended that more than 7 days pass between 1 session and another.

The maintenance treatments are carried out from 1 to 3 months. Or according to the need of each patient.

The contractions are multidirectional. That is, some are diagonal, others vertical or sequential.

The mode of placement of the hand pieces is what will determine the direction of stimulation.

The 3 training modes are:

Trusculpt Flex Preparation Mode

The preparation mode or Prep Mode as it is better known, is recommended for patients who do not have the routine of exercising.

It is designed for sedentary patients who need to prepare the muscle to be worked.

Usually 1 or 2 sessions are done in this mode.

Trusculpt Flex Toning Mode

Toning mode, also called as Tone Mode is the mode that works the muscle strength.

The direction of the currents favors the gain of muscle mass and the toning of the muscle.

It is the second mode for sedentary patients and the first mode for patients who already train. In general, 2 sessions are usually done in this mode.

This will depend on the objective of the patient and the muscle group that you want to work on.

Trusculpt Flex Sculpted Mode

Sculpted Mode or Sculpt Mode is the mode that defines and shapes the muscle. In this mode, the energy circulates horizontally and also vertically.

The last 2 sessions are done in this mode, as well as the maintenance sessions that take place 1 to 3 months after the treatment.

All important points about the treatment will be discussed with the patient at the time of the pre-treatment visit.

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