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Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner About Online Casino Bonuses



The online casino has become a really popular way to enjoy the thrill and action of live casinos on your digital devices. While it’s a really great way to make bucks and enjoy, the beginners might find it difficult at first, especially when it comes to knowing all sorts of details about bonuses.

As we know, a bonus is an important part of an online casino. So, it’s pretty much easy to get overwhelmed by all kinds of choices you have to make about online casino bonuses. For example, there are lots of options for casino bonuses in Kenya available.

So, if you are new to the online casino, and wondering what’s the best bonus options for you to choose from, then give this article a read.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Bonuses

Since online casinos are relatively new to us, and most gamblers prefer to play the traditional land-based games because of their vast knowledge of the forte, it’s important for online casino companies to offer incentives, or encouragement. So, they do it in the form of bonuses or rewards. Though it’s true that the bonuses also fall within a marketing strategy to boost the revenue, it also gives the players an opportunity to win big and makes real cash.

So, let’s take a look at some of the bonuses that an online casino company dishes out to the players.

1.     Welcome Bonuses

If you are a new player to the online casino, then the first bonus you will receive from the casino is the welcome bonus. Since it’s only offered to the new players or players who join for the first time, these bonuses are part of the incentive process, to make you create an account and play.

There are some things to know about this bonus as well. Since it’s the first bonus, you will get it based on the online casino site. Welcome bonuses thus vary according to games, but the most common of them all would be slot-based games where you will get an extra spin. Apart from that, you will get free table rounds, or even free money to bet as well.

2.     No Deposit Bonus

If you see a casino offering no deposit bonus, then it’s your chance to grab the opportunity and make some cash, as it’s one of the best bonuses out there. This bonus is exactly what it tells you: you don’t need to make any sort of deposit to receive the bonus.

All you have to do is to make an account and play. However, you need to be mindful of the wagering requirements, that is, an amount you need to bet in order to avail of the bonus. Typically, the wagering requirement on a no deposit bonus is a bit tough to complete.

3.     Deposit Bonus

To get this bonus, you have to deposit some amount of money beforehand. This requirement varies from site to site, so you need to be mindful of that. Though you can be assured that the wagering requirement won’t be as hefty as it is for no deposit bonus, because you have already deposited some cash.

4.     Bonus In Form Of Cashback

If you are a returning player, you can get this form of bonus as a form of comeback reward. Moreover, if you are continuously losing a game, then at times you will get a cashback bonus to keep to motivated. It’s another good incentive for the players who like to play big. It is a part of the Casino bonuses in Kenya which offers you a cashback of a certain percentage on your lost money.

Final thoughts:

So these were some of the most important casino bonuses. Do remember that it’s important to check the wager requirements before availing of the bonuses. Though it’s true that some extra money is always a good thing.