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Evofine Release Military Smartwatch, Smart Fashion, born to be strong, more



Evofine Release Military Smartwatch, Smart Fashion, born to be strong, more

Have you ever wondered why the military smartwatches you found in the conventional marketplace tend to be dull and similar? You might be in the middle between getting the fashionable ones with the sturdy and tactical smartwatches. How if you can get the whole packages in terms of function, fashion, military, as well as the features? Evofine has been answering tons of questions sparked amongst the smartwatches lovers.

The name of its timepiece is Tactical Smartwatch V4 – iOS/ANDROID.

The popular brand has released the military Smartwatch which comes with ample features, fashionable design, and durable body.

The category of this smartwatch is Military-grade tactical smartwatch. So, it is not exaggerating to say that it is one of the most powerful fashionable smartwatch you’ll ever wear in your life.

Perfect for active lifestyle

The smartwatch provides the accurate important data on outdoors. You will have peace of mind when going out there, knowing that you have the best buddy that you can rely on. If you or someone you know are being active on a daily basis, this smartwatch is definitely the best choice for you.

The Tough Corning Gorilla Crystal

The Tactical Smartwatch V4  is manufactured to be strong and durable. And for accomplishing the goals, the manufacturers equip this watch with the fourth generation of Corning Gorilla Crystal. Obviously, the current version of Corning Gorilla Crystal is much better than its predecessors.

The Corning Gorilla Crystal is the top brand in the modern time. It will keep your smartwatch screen safe from scratches, bumps, and any other impact. The body is made of stainless steel which is also a perfect material to withstand the extreme outdoor impacts in risky activities and other extreme sports. Not to mention that it has the ultra-resistant rubber strap which is the appropriate material to withstand the water.

It is also a great choice for outdoor activity because the rubber strap is built from high quality material which does not submit to the extreme weather and cold. So, no matter what season you are living, wearing this TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 will grant you such wonderful experience.

The Specs that you hardly find in other smartwatches

The Evofine completes the body with the Drilling Carbon Coating. In the tactical level, carbon coating is considered as the top-notch material which comes with ample durability and sturdiness. Thanks to this, the smartwatch is able to withstand 5ATM water challenge. The IP67 standard makes sure that the internal components of the watch will be safe from the water and dust trying to penetrate.

The Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is sturdy and marvelous. But that’s not it for the screen display. When it comes to tactical Smartwatch V4, it comes with the Sunlight-Visible framework which allows the users to read the time although the outside is too bright. In such extreme light conditions, this buddy won’t back down.

Track your progress

As we’d like to expect from the most recent tactical smartwatch, it comes with the functions which can help you to track your activities such as the count steps, calories burned count, App Own, Burn calories, save energy, remote camera, incoming calls, notifications. With the notifications feature, you will be able to keep track of your SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and WeChat without having to reach the phone in your pocket. Instead, you could just see them all in your smartwatch.

What does Evofine try to achieve with Tactical Smartwatch V4?

Obviously, let the business thing alone, the existence of the TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 can help people with certain necessities and purposes to attain their goals.

It is a wonderful choice for the pilots, hunters, sportsmen, travellers, explorers, and many types of users. From the lighter to the heaviest uses, this buddy is ready to answer any challenge that gets in the way. This creation is a great companion for the most extreme conditions. It can keep you on track even though the blackout is there.

No matter where you go, what you do, everything is perfect with the companion of this buddy. The tactical watch V4 from Evofine is indeed reliable for all the modern users.


We can’t neglect the fact that everyone needs a cool addition in their outfit. But as the smartwatch grants users the complex benefits, everyone can reap them without any hassle. Whether you are an explorer, hunters, sportsmen, or just regular users who want to have something in your wrist, the timepiece from Evofine called TACTICAL Smartwatch V4 won’t fail you.