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Factors that affect the cost of a Roofing Contract



If you research about the average cost of a Roofing Contractor, it can be a very confusing experience. Roofs can take from a couple of thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands dollars. This wide range in due to the fact this cost can vary depending on several factors. Some of these factors are as follows

Size of your roof

The greater the size of your roof is the larger the amount of supplies will be needed. In addition it will also increase the time taken by the workers to complete the job. In both there ways, the size of your roof is directly proportional to the expected cost of the Roofing. A smaller roof in this way means less cost on the roofing contract.

Valleys and peaks

The amount of valleys and peaks increases the amount of area of the roof. As mentioned earlier this will directly affect the cost of the roofing. Valleys require special equipment and additional work, as well corners and peaks. Having areas like this on your roof will affect the cost of the roof replacement. In addition to the increase of area, ridges and valleys make the job more difficult. Thus, increasing the cost of the process. A smooth roof would be easier and less dangerous for the workers and thus cost much less.

Roof pitch

Similarly with the ups and downs, the steepness of the roof also affects cost due to it being a very dangerous process and thus needing additional safety measures. The more levelled the surface of your roof is the more easier and safer it is for the workers. Thus it costs you much less.

Roof accessibility

The easier the roof of your house is to reach the less the cost will be. Roofs that are difficult to access require additional equipment to assist their way to the roof. Roofs that don’t have staircases leading to them or are reached through a very narrow staircase or ladder can sometimes be quite dangerous to work on. This can greatly increase the cost of the roofing.

Roofing material

Roofing materials cost different amounts based on their quality and/or the value of their raw materials. The cost of the materials directly affects the cost required to complete a Roofing. There are different roofing materials to choose from. Some are more expensive than others. A copper roof looks amazing and is certain to last a long time, but takes a great toll at the paycheck.

Roof Shingles Tear-off

One layer of roof shingles is ideal, having a second layer is tolerable, but going for a third layer is completely unacceptable. Ideally there should only be one layer of shingles on the roof. How many layers are currently on the roof to be removed will affect the final price of your new roof.

The extras

The extras such as chimneys, cost extra too. The materials required on these additional features of the roof requires different materials and more effort from the workers.

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