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Fashion Fantasy Founder and CEO, Alexander David Manns, is launching a new crypto currency, ‘Fantaz Coin’.



Alexander David Manns, The YouTube Entrepreneur is developing a new cryptocurrency, Fantaz Coin as part of the Fashion Fantasy e-commerce empire.

Fantaz Coin is a new cryptocurrency we created for everyone who would like to use it as a payment system. Many people don’t even have a bank account, and a lot of people are not ready to adapt to the banking world of today. So, we came up with the idea of why not start something that everyone can feel safe and comfortable using. A coin that not just one country will use but the entire world!

What is the story behind the new crypto coin?

I am a big fan of crypto-currency and I really believe we can use it as a new way to make a payment.

How are you developing the coin?

We have a software engineering team who are developing and building our blockchain and the system so I believe it will come out soon, but I still cannot give out too much information right now – but it’s coming!

Where can people buy the coin?

The plan is to release the Fantaz Coin on Coinbase and CoinMarketCap.

How are you tying in the coin to the Fashion Fantasy clothing brand?

We want people visiting our brand, and buying any of our products, to have the option to use crypto currency in the real world, with real tangible products. We hope to give our customers and new visitors a memorable buying experience, that’s easy and efficient. Stay tuned for more details!

To find out more about Alexander Manns visit: – or watch his YouTube Channel: Alexander David Manns – YouTube