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Finding Sanity with Bestselling Author Jamal Abdul Wajid Hassan Khan



The Struggle for World Sanity, Jamal Abdul Wajid Hassan Khan’s new groundbreaking book, hit the bestseller list on the first day it was released. We heard buzz about this book before it was released, and were not surprised that it has become a bestseller.  Wajid is not only an amazing writer; he is also a well-known and talented actor, whose work you are probably well acquainted with having appeared in TV shows and movies for years.

In The Struggle for World Sanity Wajid takes us on his spiritual journey, which had him studying with Yogi Master, Dr. George King, as well as having a rather extraordinary spiritual experience with a UFO while in the wilderness. This book is one of hope and enlightenment showing readers how the world is changing for the better and how they can be a part of that change. Wajid is one of the only Muslim writers talking about new age philosophy, and we were thrilled when he agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Women are playing a bigger role in world politics. In your book you discuss how women will take more leadership roles, can you talk more about that and what that would look like in the future.

Our mother Earth is a highly evolved Goddess who is now raising her vibrations slowly every year as part of the great Spiritual renaissance which has started in this new Aquarian age of love and service. This will also have a direct influence on all female life streams giving them greater protection and empowerment to rise up above the shackles of limitations brought upon them over the centuries. They will eventually become compassionate custodians and leaders of Planet Earth in the near future.  Not in the political sense as we now have it but more on a global unity level bringing all races living in peace and harmony as one.

In your book, you talk about having a spiritual experience with aliens, which blew me away. When you had contact with the UFO “how did you feel?” What do you hope people who read about your experience learn?

This happened to me when I was 18 and was very personal to me. However I felt it a duty to let the world know that we are being lied to. That there are ET’s in this solar system that watch over us and are very spiritual and care about our evolution. The experience left me with that feeling and also the realization dawned that all of us can draw inspiration from the Space People who man these crafts if we just reach out to them with our minds with the purpose of helping mankind in these very troubled times.

It is rare that a Muslim author writes about new age philosophy and we are grateful you do because you bring a refreshing and powerful perspective to this arena.  How do you integrate both aspects of the spirit into your work?

I have over 40 years’ experience in metaphysics, spirituality, healing etc. so this is not anything new for me. Also as one raised as Muslim I can offer this philosophy from a different but equally positive angle which will open the door for more open minded individuals to investigate.

When it comes to your day to day life and you’re creative work, who or what is your biggest influence?

Of course it has to be my own Yogi Master, Dr George King who I have followed since the age of 16. On top of all his accomplishments he was also a brilliant writer in his own right of many books.

You are a very talented actor and comedian as well as an amazing writer. Would you ever consider having your own YouTube Channel or podcast? If so what would that look like?

I did set up a You Tube channel a few years back called “Wajid Speaks” where I did a number of videos on New Age topics. With the success of my book I will look into maybe expanding that channel by creating more interviews and videos and getting subscribers.

His book The Struggle for World Sanity! is available on Amazon by clicking here.