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Firm the skin with laser or radiofrequency



Apart from the facelift, there are few techniques to fight against sagging face and sagging skin. Radiofrequency devices and “remodeling” lasers are capable of heating the collagen in depth without damaging the skin, to give a tightening effect…

In both cases, it is the heat produced under the epidermis, up to several millimeters deep that can firm the skin. It will cause a contraction of the collagen fibers to create a tightening effect. In addition, it will stimulate local microcirculation to promote skin regeneration thanks to better blood flow providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

With these techniques of BeautyFixmedspa unlike abrasion laser treatments, there is no immediate visible trace or annoying consequences because the skin remains intact.

Objective: firmer and tighter skin

In cosmetic medicine, sagging skin is difficult to treat and, until recently, only the surgical face lift was the solution, by removing excess skin (on the face and on the body). In recent years, a few non-invasive treatments have started to yield convincing results. Of course, you should not wait for a miracle and it is better to treat moderate cases of sagging skin before the damage is too advanced.

Remodeling lasers and radio-frequency systems work the same way. They manage to sufficiently heat the deep dermis to obtain tightening effects without damaging the surface skin. From a certain temperature, the collagen in the skin can shrink, which causes skin tightening effect and firming of the tissues.

In addition, an increase in local blood micro circulation will be added. This will stimulate the production of new collagen (or even elastin), which will density the dermis but also promote cell exchanges. The skin cells will then have more nutrients and oxygen available. The drainage of toxins will be better. The skin will be regenerated.

Firm the skin by radio-frequency

Radio-frequency devices use short waves (radio waves). They generally do not need to cool the skin as the heat is delivered deeper under the skin. They allow reaching the deep dermis. Radio frequency acts more on sagging skin than on its superficial appearance. The results on the skin of the face are fairly constant with good devices and good operators.

It seems that, apart from the tightening effect, a thinning of the thickness of the local subcutaneous fat is regularly obtained. This last technique by BeautyFixmedspa is therefore often recommended to treat the lowered and slackened face as well as for the arms and thighs where the sagging of the skin is accompanied by a (slight) excess of cellulite.

The results of this “skin tension” treatment

Although an immediate result is visible, it is ephemeral. The real results (for both techniques) come very gradually and are more noticeable after about 6 months (the time to make collagen and regenerate skin tissue).

It seems that these techniques to tighten the skin works better in younger people (especially before 45 years) and less well on very damaged skin (especially those who are devitalized by the sun) or even very thin and withered.

Integration of care

In Integral Anti-Aging Medicine, we must consider the advantage of combining these techniques with other skin revitalization treatments. The association with mechanical stimulation and exfoliation can also be interesting depending on the skin type. In all cases, you must have a global approach and treat the body in its various functions which affect the quality and firmness of the skin.

Additional ways to improve the skin

They mainly consist of providing the skin with the nutrients it needs, helping it fight oxidation, hydrating (through cosmetics, micro-nutrition, phyto-hormone therapy, etc.).

The skin cells respond to stimulation from local treatments only if they have the micronutrients essential for their proper functioning and regeneration. If they are overdue or deficient, the radio frequency or the reshaping lasers will have no real effect.