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Five Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Car



When it comes to selling your car it is not at all an easy task to do. A lot of formalities, paperwork and documentation is involved. In order to do the selling process right start by forming up a list of documents that a buyer may need. Such documents usually include registration certificate, regional transport office tax details and information, documents of service history, a ‘no objection’ certificate,

If you are shifting and want to get rid of your car then you must get it thoroughly inspected before opting for selling. If you notice any defaults, fix them as soon as possible. A well maintained car will help you fetch a decent price.

Below are five things to keep in mind while selling your car :

Get knowledge about the recent market conditions :

  • The very first step towards selling your car is learning the recent market conditions and getting an idea about the worth of your car. To do that you can go through similar car prices at various ad portals. Your car market value plays a very important role in motor insurance policy. It is called IDV i.e. insured declared value.
  • You should have total knowledge about the IDV of your car. Year end is considered as an unfavorable period for car selling whereas around summer time it is ideal to sell your car.

Proper paperwork :

  • When you purchase a car you receive some paperwork related to it and one must save it forever until you are in the possession of that car. It basically acts as an ownership proof and you must carry this documentation at the time of sale. If you by chance misplace it then you should ask for a copy from the regional transport office.
  • In case you owe some money to the bank against your car then you must know the exact payoff amount and the buyer will pay you that exact amount thereby writing a check to the bank.

Get your car cleaned and inspected :

  • Before putting your car on sale you must take it to the service center and get it cleaned and inspected by professionals. Through this you will get to know about the problems in your car and get them fixed as soon as possible. Also, this way you can demand a higher price for your car against the clean health record of your vehicle.
  • In addition to that you must get your car properly cleaned before selling. In order to give a fresh look to the interiors you can also opt for changing of floor mats and other related cosmetic changes. The more new it will look, the more attracted buyer would be.
  • Sometimes the buyers want to test drive a vehicle before resorting to buying. Therefore, getting your car inspected is necessary in order to know the problem and treat them accordingly. A well maintained car will put a great impression on the buyer and he will readily pay the desired amount for it.