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Five ways to get more Instagram followers



If you do a research on this on Google, you will discover many companies willing to help you get more followers. Take a tour of the blogosphere or YouTube and you will find this common information:

Do you think that is a lot of work? So try to automate the process: an app should be able to help you. If you are looking for apps to grow your Instagram account on your phone, you will find a bunch of them! Apps like Combine or Alfred are among the best known, but beware they often violate Instagram’s terms of service! You therefore take the risk that they will stop working overnight. Too bad, especially if you subscribe to paid subscriptions on some.

Even faster!

If you think it is still too much effort, there are other paid options. Exchange your euros for a number of followers on Instagram and BOUM! You have your follower base! Very often, you pay for the famous “click farms” which are more than doubtful in terms of ecology or labor law …

What is the problem with these quick methods?

Obviously, you will understand the irony of my message through these quick techniques! There is nothing wrong with using these methods if you just need to tell your boss that you have 10,000 followers. However, if your boss asks you what the ROI of your Instagram presence is, you’re going to be in trouble. In other words, these techniques, especially the paid ones, focus on the quantity and not the quality of the followers.

If you gain 10,000 followers in a week with any of these methods, how many will actually be interested in your restaurant? Alternatively, your range of gluten-free flours? Alternatively, your compost barrels? How many are real Instagram Followers, i.e. managed by a human being? Probably none. In addition, it will show in the engagement generated by your posts.

There is a very low chance that these newly acquired followers will be able to interact with you: like content, comment on it, repost it or even tell their friends about you. Worse yet: if your boss decides to look at your stats, he or she will probably want to know why you only get 5 likes. Out of 20,000 followers, that is not much is not it.

Now let us see how to get SUPER followers on Instagram, i.e. authentic and engaged followers. These five methods will undoubtedly take you longer than those outlined above, but they will keep their promises in terms of the quality of the followers obtained, and this in the long term.

When you find an interesting photo, look at the user’s bio to see if it is worth following. If this person and your business have something in common, they will likely follow you too. If a photo makes you want to comment, do it. However, make sure the comment is about the photo, not you. If the user wants to know more about you, they will go to your bio. A few kind words can be enough to convert a user into a follower. Repeat the method as often as possible. There are loads of free Instagram search tools available online or on mobile, the app also offers it native!

This takes your hashtag monitoring a step further. Unless you are a startup, you would be amazed at how many Instagrammers are already posting photos of your business, products or services. In addition, these people will be happy to let you share their photos if you ask nicely. Often times, users are flattered that their photo is considered worth re-sharing. In addition, to know when you will post their photo again, they will undoubtedly come to follow you. They might also tell their own followers about your interest in their photo. The user-generated content is a commitment multi Duplicator because it allows your potential buyers to identify themselves. Look at this example with Pantone.

Collaborate with another Instagram account in your niche, run a contest where participants have to follow both of your accounts. See for example how C-Skins Wetsuits, a young brand of wetsuits, joined forces with the Surf Session site.

Post regularly on Instagram

While there is value in charming other users by commenting on their photos or giving them gifts in contests, you also need to show the value of your account – and your business – by regularly posting cool photos and videos. Also, post Stories to show behind the scenes of your business and use targeted hashtags to be found by other people who are interested in what you offer.

Promote your presence on Instagram ASAP

Let your customers and acquaintances know about your Instagram account. Start by telling people on your site. Add a widget that gives visitors a taste of your account and allows them to access it with one click.

Notify people who are subscribed to your newsletters. For this, Constant Contact and Mail chimp will be very useful: they integrate Instagram into your e-mailing. Do you have a physical point of sale? So go ahead: encourage your customers to follow your Instagram account. This restaurant uses a poster on the terrace to advertise its contest on Instagram. If you have a tangible product, consider mentioning your Instagram account on the packaging. Domino’s Pizza uses its packaging to encourage their customers to post pictures of their pizzas using their name @dominos. Users will certainly follow Domino’s with the hope that their pizza photo will be shared with the brand’s 73,000 subscribers.