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Florida Dermatology Clinics Report CoronaVirus Rash & Red Toes Symptoms



New, unexpected symptoms have been found among patients who have been infected with the Coronavirus. According to Business Insider, doctors have noticed blisters, swollen toes and rashes among their patients.

It seems that dermatologists are learning that the Covid-19 virus may have more symptoms than previously believed. We started out thinking that the virus primarily attacks an infected person’s lungs and should show related symptoms. Of course, there have been virus-like symptoms as well, such as nausea, dizziness and lack of smell and taste.

But now symptoms may include rashes, blisters and swollen toes.

The toe symptoms are referred to as ‘Covid toes’ and appear the same as toes that have been exposed to extreme cold as if they’re frostbitten.

This means that the Coronavirus could show itself through symptoms affecting the skin. If you think that you or a loved one may have these symptoms, use an office of Dermatology Orlando citizens trust when getting a consultation. You’ll want the most accurate diagnosis because these symptoms may not necessarily mean you have the Coronavirus. But it is a good idea to make sure.

There Is Much We Don’t Know About Covid-19

As can be seen from the new symptoms, there is a lot that experts are yet to learn about the Coronavirus. It seems to affect different people in different ways but coughs, shortness of breath still remain the most prevalent symptoms.

Also, there is evidence that some people may not show any symptoms or only some of the symptoms. Children and the elderly also seem to have very different symptoms than others who were infected.

Dermatological symptoms have been submitted to the American Academy of Dermatology from over 25 countries. So far, more than 600 submissions have been made.

Taking Care Of Your Skin While Staying Safe

Wearing a mask is mandatory and will help you stay safe and prevent you from spreading the dreaded virus. However, wearing a mask all the time comes with its own set of problems. Good hygiene is very important, not only to prevent spreading the Coronavirus, but also to keep your skin healthy.

Dermatologist Jessica Wu has noted that many people are experiencing mask-related irritation of the skin. Because the mask is worn for prolonged periods, oily and sensitive skin have experienced eczema and acne breakouts.

In addition, depression, anxiety and stress are affecting the skin health of many. Consultants of Dermatology in Orlando, FL recommend that you wear non-medical masks as specialised masks can lead to chafing and skin breakage that could be painful. However, don’t neglect wearing protection.

Prevent Skin Problems

We know that you have to wear your mask but don’t want to end up with painful skin problems. If you have sensitive skin, consultants of Dermatology in Orlando, FL recommend that you avoid wearing masks that are made with synthetic fibers such as spandex and polyester. Wool should also not be worn for long periods. These products are treated with chemicals which can harm the skin and aren’t really breathable.

Instead, wear masks that are made of natural fibers such as natural silk, bamboo and cotton. These masks are also more effective as a barrier against aerosol particles. This is according to a study by the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, reports

Use oil-free make-up to minimise the friction between your mask and your skin, consultants of Dermatology in Orlando, FL recommend as well. And use over-the-counter products such as sulfur wash to wash your skin, especially your face. These products can help treat breakouts.

Coronavirus Statistics in Florida

As of 2 June, Florida has reported 57 447 cases of the Coronavirus since it was first found in the state three months ago. A minimum of 1 200 fatalities have also been reported and they are connected to long-term care facilities. In addition, 70 new deaths were reported which brings Florida’s death toll to 2 530.

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