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Four Ways to Make Money on the Side in 2022



With the cost of living rising and the future increasingly uncertain, many people are choosing to find freelance work, side hustles and other casual work to top up their income. Whether that’s out of necessity or peace of mind, this article aims to show you four of the most common and accessible ways to make money on the side each year. Each is something that anyone can do – and that rewards financially as you get better at the job.


You may see shipping work as something reserved for professionals within logistics companies. That’s actually far from the truth, especially in today’s world of gig work and fleet optimization, when smaller vehicles are delivering goods in what’s known as a “last mile” delivery system. If you’re interested in shipping work, you can instantly pick up loads using Shiply, an online truck load database that’s updated every day. This simple system means that you can choose when and where you work – after or before your full-time job or your familial obligations. This is work that should suit those with a vehicle who enjoy driving and know how to get easily from place to place in their local area.

Agency Work

Joining an agency is something that anyone can do at any time. Many agencies offer jobs and gig work that anyone can perform, no matter their level of experience. Typical jobs offered by employment agencies include bar work, serving staff work, receptionist work, or even simple filing jobs within the offices of large companies. There are certain to be several agencies in your area that you can turn to and get offered bit-part work. They’re a great way to keep your finances ticking over.

Teaching English

As a global language, there is constant demand for English teachers across the world. From China to Ghana, you’ll find that there are parents desperate to have their children taught by a native English speaker. That’s no surprise, seeing as progress can be made fast with a one-to-one tutor who knows the language well. English teaching jobs are often advertised online and conducted via video conferencing calls, so you’ll not need to leave your home in order to start earning cash as a tutor. The more experience you get in this role, the more you’ll get paid by the parents of the children you teach.


Everyone has a skill to offer as a freelancer. If you consider yourself a good writer, you might have a future in proofreading, editing or writing for certain companies. A knack for digital design could see you work on websites, branding, or advertising. The list goes on – whatever skill you have to offer, you can set up a profile on the larger freelance job w ebsites in the world and see if you can start picking up cash from your skill. It can take time to find your first client, but once you do, you’ll gain in confidence and your portfolio will only grow from there.

Make cash on the side this year with one or more of the four tips outlined in this short article.