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Furniture to incorporate the minimalist style into your home



Contrary to what it might seem, designer furniture and minimalism are compatible, though, they are not a trend designed to be popular, but to be very select. Very few could afford a pure minimalist architecture or decorations because of how complicated it was to be able to provide a house with the necessary comforts so that it would be pleasant to live in it and at the same time respecting the ornamental lack.

But, at the same time, everything had to fit perfectly, the balance had to be exquisite and a beauty and an order was achieved that allowed to enjoy the view of a house that, in principle, could seem basic but that hid a great decorative work and a tremendous effort to contain everything in a few pieces of excellent design and quality.

But over the years, minimalism has simplified and has begun to merge with other trends that, although they seem similar, are very different and have a totally different philosophy. While they are very simple decorative trends, they are first and foremost functional, while classic minimalism puts beauty and balance first.

The most modern and most popular minimalism is functional; it is designed for houses where you live and where you enjoy comfort, but without being crowded with furniture and ornaments such as our grandparents’ homes. They are houses in which you have everything you need, but you can see the empty space and bet on simple, quality furniture like bed chairs or minimalist end table, but without reaching the elite levels that we have seen in extreme minimalism.

So why can we bet on the current minimalist style? We are going to make a small guide summary of how the different rooms that fit this trend should be.

The simplicity in the lines

Simple furniture is the protagonist of minimalist trend homes. Gone are, for example, the headboards for the bed in wrought iron with different drawings and very worked. In the minimalist style, what is carried is a simple headboard of pure lines in wood or fabric.

The same goes for sofas, which no longer play with wood-turned arms, but are straight and simple. The same as the furniture for the living room or dining tables. Wood and tables stand out above all wood, but this time simple and smooth, without turning, without drawings and without complications.

Monochrome furniture

Of course, the bet is for furniture in a single color. Within this style, you can bet on the entire room in a single tone or in a combination of two colors. You play a lot with white and black but also with natural wood.

Simple combinations

The way to combine the furniture of a room must also be simple. That is why we are going to highlight some styles of rooms that are very present in modern minimalism:


Living room has to be the sofa, followed by the coffee table or minimalist end table. Everything else is an accessory. The television can be hung on the wall integrated into a simple structure to hide the cables, without having a piece of furniture, especially now that there are not as many devices as before. However, cushions and blankets and plaids for the sofa that give comfort and warmth to the whole family are allowed.

The dining room

The large and simple tables stand out in the dining room. The classic ones with four legs without working are perfect for this type of decoration, as are those of glass and metal. Identical chairs and upholstery to match the living room if it is a single space. You can also emphasize the minimalist aesthetic by working with the correct color of rectangular tablecloths.

The main room

The bed is about which we have already spoken, the bedside tables or minimalist end table and, if not built-in, a compact closet, high up to the ceiling to be as functional as possible. Books, reading lamps and carpets are allowed, which may be present in all rooms but more in the master bedroom.