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Game ideas to make your party even more fun



By playing, both adults and children are giving themselves the chance to relive childhood experiences, be children again, laugh, get out of their work routine and worries, forget about everything and just focus on having fun.

If you rent your place for your party at Hanky ​​planet you will have all kinds of elements to make your party even more fun, disco lights, ball games, screen, Play Stations, etc.
And if you still want more fun, here are some game ideas that we can use to make your party a success!

1) Perform a karaoke
A perfect activity for children and adults. Who doesn’t like to sing their favorite songs, even under the shower? It will be priceless to see how everyone enjoys their moment of glory in front of the best public: their loved ones. We have a screen and everything you need in any of our Hanky ​​Planet centers.

2) Install a photocall
You yourself can make an original photocall based on cardboard, in which the guests can pose and take an original photograph. In addition, you can incorporate fun wigs and accessories, so that the most daring can let loose and give free rein to their imagination.

3) Organize missions
Organize everyone into different groups and assign them a small mission to complete during the party. Set up easy goals to achieve , like making Grandma dance to a Beyoncé song . The important thing is to have a good time and that nobody gets frustrated for not fulfilling the mission.

4) Pass the orange
Divide the guests into several teams. The object of this game is to pass the orange from one person to another using only the neck and forehead. If any of the team members drop the orange, they must start over from the beginning of the line. The team that manages to bring the orange to the last person in the group will win.

5) Discover the murderer
Get a set of playing cards and deal it making sure one of the cards is the ace of spades . This card will identify the murderer, who must wink at his victims without the rest noticing. The victim must identify himself as dead and leave her letter on the table. Together they must guess who the murderer is.

6) Keep the rhythm
Guests must put their palms on the table and select the person who will start the game. The purpose of this activity is for each hand to clap the table and when two are given, the direction of the march is changed. Every time a guest makes a mistake, he must withdraw from the game until only one winner remains.

7) Set up a bingo
If you want to have guaranteed fun, nothing better than setting up a bingo. In this way, you will be able to capture the attention of all the guests and ensure that everyone has a great time in the room.

8) Eating without hands
Although this game can kill everyone in a 24-hour dry cleaner, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Can you imagine the guy from the village trying to eat a piece of cake with no hands? Well, nothing better than putting it into practice and having a laugh together.

9) Identify the famous
Write names of famous people on small pieces of paper that you will distribute among the guests as they arrive at the restaurant. The objective is to ask questions that can only be answered yes or no, to finally discover which character it is.

Among the different places for birthdays, it will be easy for you to find professionals to help you organize this type of games inside. They will overturn so that all your guests enjoy an unforgettable evening .

Since you surely already had your guest list well thought out and now you are clear about what games you should organize , all you have to do is choose which Hanky ​​Planet center you will hold your party at!