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Get the Best Kind of Gift from Riviera Maison Switzerland



The Italian origin word Riviera means coastline. Riviera Maison was founded in 1948 shortly after the conclusion of World War II by Jacques and Dini. This online shop was first established as a florist shop on Overtoom Boulevard in Amsterdam, America. Letter Henki Teunissen transformed the shop into a prominent flower retailer fair; they used to make bridal buckets since he became the owner of the shop in 1985. After that in 1960, Mr. Dini opened a second shop in Maasstraat.

After 1957 they started paying attention to the corporate market. Riviera Maison has a very small number of shops of their own, whereas they mostly concentrate on the dealership business on a commission basis. It is one of the most successful network businesses in the Netherlands and outside countries. They basically believe in fair practices of trade and now they have diversified their business into different product areas.

Riviera Maison Schweiz is famous for the exclusiveness of its products. They are now dealing with almost every kind of article that you require to decorate your home. It may be a flower bucket or a statue to give your room a different look. You will get it from Riviera. Mr. Henk got the inspiration to make all these products available to the customer as we visited many cities around the world. Riviera collection is enough to radiate warmth and exclusiveness in your house.

If you talk about the products of Riviera Maison you will find that they are equipped with all kinds of materials to decorate your house. There are ornaments for your drawing room, decorating articles, and showpieces that will increase the gradient look of your home along with chairs, textiles for your sofa, bed, etc, table linens, and decorations, available here.

Other than that you can get cutlery sets and dinner sets with other gift items. These gift items will definitely catch the eyes of the customers. The most important feature of these properties is that the sellers will deliver the products to your home or to the address you want. The interior, decorated with things from the Riviera, is definitely a charm to watch.

Since Christmas is on the door, you can get lots of gift items too from Riviera Maison. If you want a romantic date on the evening of Christmas, you can order some beautiful decorating materials like a well-decorated Christmas tree, beautiful candles to create the most romantic atmosphere. Other than that, if you want to surprise her, you can get designer dinner sets too.

On the contrary, if you are planning to throw a party on any success or any occasion for your office employees, the Riviera Maison is the best place to contact for the best places to arrange parties. They have good experience in organizing projects, premises so that they can add characteristics and warmth to the atmosphere. Riviera Maison has expanded their business not only in Switzerland but they have spread their wings all over the world too. In any project by Riviera Maison, you will find a feeling of home.