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Get to know J.T. Hiskey, a popular music artist who is making waves



Have you heard the name of J.T. Hiskey? I am sure you have. That is because he has been making headlines and news worldwide ever since his major debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back on May 1st 2018. The 22 year old hip-hop/vocalist was just recently on tour with some of the biggest names such as Afroman and the band Water Taxi, and we got the chance to catch his most recent show here in Los Angeles when performing at Ethik on Melrose Ave a few months ago.

The energy that was put on was quite something, and we can totally see why he is making the buzz! His latest song Let’s Ride has gained very positive reviews from both critics and fans, and everyone can’t wait to see what he puts out next. The Salt Lake City, Utah artist has been hyping up new music for a while now on all of his social media and we are so stoked to hear it all.

From his clout goggles he wears everywhere to his out going positive personality, J.T. Hiskey maintains to stay unique from all the rest and it is honestly amazing to watch.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.