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Get to Know the Real SisterKristy



Exclusive rapid-fire Q&A session with influencer bombshell SisterKristy.  She addresses hopes, dreams, daily life, life lessons, and of course her precious cats.

What is the last thing you think about before you fall asleep?

It usually depends how tired I am! I often use the ‘Calm’ app and listen to sleep stories and guided mediations if I really need to relax, Tamara Levitt is my favorite on that app so usually whatever she’s saying! If I’m not using the app, I tend to ponder about the future and what’s around the corner and how exciting it can be. Like Tom Hanks said in Castaway, “you never know what the tide will bring in” and it’s true!

What is the best experience of your life so far?

The best experience of my life… hmm, I have so many, and there are so many people that are involved it’s hard to pick one.  My favorite experience would be traveling down to Disneyland with my dance class at the time and performing on a Disney stage. We got to go “Behind Disney” and see a whole different side of it, and it was wild but so cool to see.

How about the worst experience?

The worst experience in my life would be losing a friend to suicide. There’s nothing you can do about it when it’s done, and you’re just left with memories and subtle signs. With proper counseling, I have learned to cherish the memories that we did share and that the mourning will truly never go away.

As you get older what’s something you learn to appreciate?

I definitely appreciate my parents’ and Grandmother’s stories a lot more. Now that I’m an adult, I can really understand the stories they tell and how hard or easy life was at times. It’s nice to actually just sit and listen. I try to learn from their mistakes, and I take their advice much more seriously now.

On an intellectual level, what excites you?

During lockdown 2020 I discovered the show Twin Peaks. I remembered seeing ads for it back in 2017, and it looks so wild and mysterious. So, I decided to watch it. There are three seasons, and Wikipedia said it’s “listed among one of the best television shows of all time.” So, I figured I’d give it a go. The first two seasons took a couple of weeks, and I’m not lying when I said I watched 8 hours straight of the third season! And all this coming from someone who hates tv series. After that, I looked more into David Lynch and what he’s about. His art is completely eye-opening and terrifying, but amazing at the same time. I’ve gotten very into modern art, specifically the avant-garde type of work! Fashion is a huge part of the art as well. I appreciate the fashion shows where people laugh at the clothing cause it’s unwearable without realizing it’s really a form of art.

How was your childhood and how do you think that helped shape you into who you are?

My childhood was amazing! I grew up in the country, riding bikes and playing outside with my brother and our two friends. Then we moved into town and there were tons of kids on our street, so we were always outside playing. My parents raised me very well, I had every Barbie growing up, I was put into a dance class, and I was fortunate to do family trips to Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. I like to think I always did what I was told, but I could be wrong. I think traveling to all-inclusive vacations while I was young is why I like them so much now, and I definitely always do chores before any fun can be had.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

In high school, I had a really tight group of 5 or so girls and we would hang out at all the time. It was September so it was still kind of warm, and we were all just walking down the road arm in arm walking in sync by this park singing “All Summer Long” at the top of our lungs — it was still new then. We were just all so young and carefree and living our best life, it was so fun.

What’s your belief in life after death?

Yes, I believe in life after death! I believe in god, so I believe there is a heaven. I truly do believe everything does happen for a reason as well though. I’m a very “cup half full” type of person and always try to look at the positives. As for the meaning of life, I’m honestly not sure!

What makes you smile and makes you happy?

I’m truly happiest when I come home and see my two cats laying on the bed napping with one another. I just love them so much, and they mean the world to me! Some other things that make me smile are just simple things, like a gorgeous view!

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