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Got A New E-book Reader? Here Are 6 Options You Might Not Know Your Reader Has



Who would have known that we will come at a time when all the things that we read or see in a book can be accessed on a single tablet? E-book readers, like Amazon Kindle, are some of the greatest innovations of this millennium. Hesitant at first, but people have grown to love this gadget as it serves a great deal of convenience, compared to carrying all those books around. It also helps save the environment because of the amount of paper saved from choosing e-book files. However, you can do more things to your E-book reader than you can imagine! Here are some of the things we can share with you:

  1. Access different documents

You can access more documents other than books with your E-book reader. You can also open word documents, presentations, even photos! With your E-book reader, you will now have an easier time reviewing your documents! To access these documents, you can convert your files to PDF or to the file type that your E-book reader accepts. Usually, PDF files can be fine. You can open your word document or your presentation and save them as a PDF. Transfer it to your E-book reader, and voila! You can now access your files. If you are quite busy and need to convert multiple files in one or PPT to PDF free converter sites are available for your usage like PDFBear.

  1. Sync all your readings

If you are always on the go, you can access all your readings from different devices by logging in to your account. Assuming you got a decent E-book reader with different apps, you can check out and sync your files. This is particular with Amazon Kindles. You have to sign in to your Amazon account, and it will sync your e-books. What is more, doing this will also keep your devices updated as to which part you are already reading.

  1. Get web readings

Some E-book readers are not just for transferring e-book files. You can also use your E-book reader to access online articles and journals you have missed! If the E-book reader you got is up to date, you can toggle on the extensions for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to send articles to your E-book reader. If you see something you are interested in online, you can click the send icon that allows you to send it to your E-book reader. In a few seconds, it should notify your E-book reader and will reflect in your library. Another option is using Instapaper. It is one of the well-known reading saver service providers. It allows you to save articles you see on the web, minus the ads, formatting, and other unnecessary stuff. It would allow you to save the article on your e-book reader.

  1. Personalize your reading screen

Most E-book readers now allow you to have more options on how you would like your screen to look like. You can adjust your font size and font styles. You can also change the options for page margins, orientation, line spacing, and more. You can also set a reading progress status bar! You will see the book page, time left in the chapter, and even time left in the book. You can switch it all off too. You can even change your screen brightness.

  1. Save enough battery life

If there is anything that we love about E-book readers, it is the fact that battery would not be a problem. It can last not only for weeks but also for months! However, if you find yourself in that situation where you are clinging to little battery life, you can turn on Airplane Mode to save battery. Pushing the power button instead of tapping the screen helps a lot, too.

  1. Check your notes and highlights online

You would know that upon highlighting and adding notes in your E-book reader, those things will also be available in a separate file that you can review independently. You can also access your highlights and notes on the web using your Amazon account. With this, you can review what you have read, anytime, anywhere.

Be careful with your data

Now that you know some of the tips and tricks with your new E-book reader, all we have to say is you still have to be careful with your data and be wary about what you put out there. Make sure that you only use sites and services that you trust, especially today, when there are lots of malicious elements waiting to hack users. This is the reason why one of the trusted services we know is PDFBear. You can check them out at!