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GPS tracker for dogs – What you need to know



With the arrival of new technology and reduced hardware sizes, it was expected that dog collars with GPS would be launched that will allow us to find our puppy case it gets lost.

A dog collar that tracks your dog are already a reality, there are many models already incorporated or that we can incorporate into the collar of our dog and that through a simple mobile or PC application will give us all the information we need.

This will help us know where our dog is, where it has been, and will even send us an alarm if it leaves an area pre-established by us, a security perimeter. Do you want to know more? We explain everything in detail.

How does a GPS collar for dogs work?

This type of collars includes a small device that carries a GPS signal receiver, which allows the collar to know the coordinates of the dog. The same necklace has a space inserted for a SIM card, that is, a mobile phone card. In this way, the collar can collect the geographical coordinates of its position and also send them via telephone or via SMS to our mobile terminal or manufacturer’s application.

So its operation is effortless, we put the dog the GPS collar with its corresponding activated SIM card and let it live a healthy life. From our mobile phone or desktop computer and thanks to an application from the manufacturer, we can see in real-time where our dog is. Also, where he has been since his collar will let us know his position during the previous hours and days. Thanks to the technology and the type of collar or harness we put on, our dog will never get lost again.

What kind of dogs need to use a GPS locator on their collar?

This type of technology is not necessary for well-behaved domestic dogs that never escape. The GPS collar is more focused on hunting dogs that can run large areas of land and get lost, or very naughty dogs that often escape frequently.

It is even a top invention for shepherd dogs, which can not only tell us where they are thanks to the GPS device but possibly tell us where the flock they care for is also.

A pet dog that behaves well and never escapes, accustomed to taking two or three walks a day or going for a run with its owner, visiting the dog park or playing near the house, it doesn’t need this type of technology at all.

What should I keep in mind when buying a GPS collar for my dog?

The most important points to remember are the following:

GPS device size: If your dog is a medium or small breed, do not buy a brick…. It will be very uncomfortable for him.

Coverage and Battery: As important as the coverage distance is battery time, remember that GPS collars must be recharged just like mobile terminals.

Quality of the device: The dogs are quite clumsy, they will give you goals and wet it, try to buy a waterproof device and made of shock-resistant materials.

Price and fees: Do not be fooled by very cheap GPS collars that will then charge you excessive fees … find a balance. The best GPS is not the most expensive, don’t forget it.