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Grahams Natural And Eczema Sufferers Discuss Dealing with The Daily Struggles of Eczema



We recently reached out to many eczema sufferers online to find how they deal with the daily struggles of living life with eczema. Below are just a few of the tips the sufferers and Grahams Natural shared that help them get through a day with itchy skin.

Compression Bandages: These are an essential item when your arms are just to itchy to bare! The compression of the bandage will not only relieve the itch but it makes it unable for you to scratch your skin. The key to wearing a compression bandage is not where it too tight, you simply want general compression.

Acrylic Nails: There are many people with eczema who wear acrylic nails in an effort to minimize the amount of damage that is done through scratching. Due to the fact that acrylic knelt have a much blunter add than natural nails therefore less likely to break through the skin. While this may not be a truly natural or chemical free life hack, it gets the job done!

Damp Skin, Not Dry Skin: When applying moisturizer to your skin ensure that it is damp as opposed to fully dry. This way it ensures the skin will be better to absorb it and will stay moist much longer.

Layer Your Clothes: When going outside ensure that you always layer your clothing, this way you can remove layers as you begin to overheat. This is an essential step to help stop itching.

Bring Your Own Blanket: if you’re traveling, it is always a good choice to bring your own pillow cases, sheets and blankets. The vast majority of hotels is rather harsh detergents in the cleaning of their linens which can irritate the skin. Another option is to bring a sleeping bag that has been washed at home if you are tight on space. While this may be a hassle, it is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of having irritated skin while traveling.

Non-Itch Tights: if you have a child that wears tights to school, be sure to look into the Wolford brand as they offer super soft non-itchy tights available in a wide selection of school colors that will not irritate the skin. While these are rather expensive tight, they are well worth it if you are looking for something that will not leave your child itchy at school.

Protect Your Neck: For most people, the collar of their coat or jacket hands to really irritate their necks, this is especially true during the winter months you must have an outer layer. An ingenious way around this is to wear a silk scarf around your neck to create a protective barrier between the coat and skin of your neck. If you’re looking to find a silk scarf at a bargain, be sure to check out your local charity shops.

Oats Baths: This is a simple home remedy in which you place a handful of regular oats into a sock and tie it up so they are unable to spill out. From this point, you simply toss it into the bathtub. The creamy oat water is perfect for calming itchy skin. Be sure you do not stay in the water too long or have the water too hot as this can irritate your skin as well.

Inside Out Clothing: In the evening time, where your pajamas inside out to help avoid itchy labels and seams.

Ice It Up: Be sure that you always have a frozen ice pack in the freezer at home and at work. In addition, you may want to check out an ice towel as these have the ability to offer instant cooling relief whenever you need it.

Washing Times Two: when you are washing your clothing, always allow the load of laundry to be rinsed two times to remove as much detergent as possible.

Moisturizers: Another task for your eczema safe moisturizer is its ability to take off make up. You can use Grahams Natural C+cream for this task. All you need to do is gently massage it into the skin and removing it with a damp cotton washcloth.

Additionally, you may want to keep some apple cider vinegar in the house during the summer months. This can be a huge relief when placed in a luke warm bath or soaked in a washcloth to be left on itchy areas. Try for topical relief.

Start Knitting Or Crocheting: Believe it or not, a simple hobby such as knitting is going to occupy your hands and take your mind off of scratching. This can be a huge help in having your mind occupied with knitting a scarf or sweater as opposed to scratching that itchy skin. Additionally, the general nature of knitting is completely soothing and relaxing.

Safe Scratching: if you must scratch your skin try to use a comb or hair brush as opposed to your nails as this is less likely to break the skin.


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