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Grandstream a new range of new products to create an enterprise-class wireless coverage solution



Grandstream Networks is the leading manufacturer of voice/video IP telephony and video surveillance solutions. Grandstream provides small and medium enterprises and consumer markets with innovative products that reduce communication costs, increase security and improve productivity.

This manufacturer makes one of the best switchboards on the market, for SME an environment, the switchboard is simple to manage and pass traffic between IP phones. The solution of Grandstream in both IP phones, as in the new switchboard, is a very affordable environment and very easy to manage.

The IP phones of the brand itself self-register without problems, and give a simple solution in a few minutes of installation. The phones have a wide range of equipment from DECT equipment to control unit control equipment.


For small and medium-sized companies that want to improve their communication capabilities, the IP PBX GXE502x is a core network component.

It combines voice, video, fax and data transmission in a new easy-to-use appliance, an IP PBX all-in-one that opens up new possibilities for communication to small and medium-sized businesses like Datavox, taking into account factors such as cost, ease of use, ease of installation and reliability.


The GXW IP Analog Gateways series of analog gateways allows small and medium businesses to create seamless office environments, to integrate traditional telephone systems into a VoIP network and to manage communication costs efficiently.

The GXW series was designed for compatibility with the most common IP-PBX and Softswitch and with most SIP environments and offers 4 or 8 port models and a video surveillance port on the GXW410x models.

IP Phones

The Grandstream GXP series contains new generation enterprise SIP phones with multiple functions, automatic provisioning for frequent use, which are easy to use and all of that at a very competitive price!

GXP series phones support a wide range of codecs, security protection, PoE, 10M / 100Mbps Dual-Ethernet ports and are very easy to handle.

Video Phones

Grandstream IP Video solutions include the GXV3000 and GXV3005 IP video phones and the GXV3140 and GXV3175 IP multimedia phones.

GXV IP video phone solutions offer the enterprise market a robust solution for face-to-face communication with colleagues across any distance. The GXV series allows business users to reduce their travel expenses and increase productivity.


Grandstream’s entry into the IP video surveillance market is significant because it brings expertise and experience in the distribution of SIP voice-over-IP and advanced H.264 video telephony products on a large scale. The growing combination of SIP / VoIP with IP video surveillance becomes a new trend in the market, conditioned by the development of many new IP applications and by the increased demand for intercom and standard audio monitoring.

H.264-based SIP video surveillance products with “2-way” audio capability convert any surveillance camera into an interoperable VoIP device with tens of thousands of SIP phones currently used in the market. This combined solution will bring many benefits to companies and service providers in terms of feature integration, price-performance ratio, Return on Investment and new value-added IP applications.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.