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GTA V is the best open-world game that has engaged players for many years since it is first released in September 2013.

The game is one of the most welcomed and praised by many of those who are gaming-maniacs.

Since the release of the game, the game has attracted a lot of players towards itself as the game has not only maintained the old traditions of GTA but, GTA V mobile has also set some new traditions in the gaming world.

The game in the PC version of it, has an amazing story-line, with the best graphics of its time.

GTA V story-line is considered to be one of the most engaging and interesting stories among the games. As the game offers not only the best graphics with a realistic experience but with a story that is full of action and breathtaking scenes.

The game when first introduced for platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It becomes the best source of not just time-killing entertainment but many professional players started to stream its game-play online.

The release of GTAV was most awaited after the release of GTA IV, but soon after the release of it, the players were looking for the release of GTA V for the platform like smartphones and Tablets.

But now the wait is over as the unofficial release has taken place and the game can now be easily downloaded and played on smart-phones and tablets.


GTA V mobile has the same story-line with the same story mission. Players can also play in open world.


Players can expect to play with all three characters; Michael De Santa, Franklin, and Trevor.


Players can also enjoy the multiplayer mode of the game as well and can complete missions and compete with other players online.


The game requires no sophisticated devices to be played but rather the game can be played on any budget smart-phones.