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Guide to Write a Perfect Essay for UK Students



Guide to Write a Perfect Essay for UK Students

The essay is a literary genre that is characterized by allowing the development of a specific theme in a free and personal way. However, there are certain rules that depend on one type of essay. For example, when you write an argumentative essay your goal is to convince. Your own point of view should be the most important part. Support the opinion with facts that will persuade a reader easily. The essay for a teaching staff is more than just sentences on a controversial topic. It is a field where they can find faults. It gives them a scientific pleasure but it hurts your performance a lot. Your teachers are ready to criticize you. How is it possible to prevent the trial against harsh criticism? Actually, everything is very easy. The most important thing is to adhere to a trial structure.

Many times we face blank paper and terror prevents us from letting our creativity flow. Writing the perfect essay is a challenge for many; and sometimes, it can frustrate us greatly. Therefore, we bring you the 5 ideal keys to help you be the writer you dream of and stop asking everybody to do my essay for me.

Use a scheme

Before you start writing, try to start with a scheme that allows you to organize all your ideas. There you can place, how will be the structure of essay and the meaning that you will give it. In this way, your mind will be able to visualize the content that is going to be written more easily. Then, write more easily.


The subject is the most important aspect. Usually, we spend hours trying to find “the perfect theme for our essay”. Stop looking for it and let your imagination and your knowledge flow. For that, start with the scheme and go inquiring what interests you. Write down what catches your attention or makes you curious and write about it, as if they were small sketches. In this way, finding the subject will be a piece of cake!

The structure

Throughout our lives, we have heard about the structure of the essays. Introduction, development and closure. Although we believe it is not important, these should be the pillars of our writing. It will be easier for us to write, if we manage to make this structure, our guide.

The introduction is the beginning of the essay, it is regularly short and concise. It must contain the main idea of ​​the topic. Take advantage of this entry to be attractive, the opener must contain what is necessary to captivate the reader and invite him to continue reading.

Development is the time to write the content. It is important to ensure that the body has the right and necessary on the subject. Avoiding being repetitive or deviating from the relevant. Here the arguments, hypotheses and interpretations must be placed. The quotes, enrich the content a lot, try to place them in your essay.

Finally, the closure. This is the moment when the essay concludes. For this reason, it must be concise and enjoyable. Ideally, it will give a brief account of what has been said and convey the importance of writing. There we can include our opinion and close with a question that leaves room for the interpretation of the reader.

Do not mortify yourself if you do not get a title that you love. It is a factor that will come alone and is born, many times, after developing the content. Write everything you want to write and you will see that when you reread it, you will come up with the best title for your essay.

Read again

Always reread your writing. In this way you can correct any imperfection. If you have time, the best way to do it is to write, rest or disregard it for a moment, and then read again. This way you will realize errors that perhaps before, due to fatigue, you would not have noticed

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