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Harmony of Skeins, review of Yalda Dousti’s latest tableau, a virtuoso and skillful Iranian artist, called “Tar”



Actually, color harmony defines when one part of a bigger whole having the order and arrangement in such a way that watching it creates a pleasant and balanced feeling in a person. 

If there is no harmony in something, that object looks ugly and messy. 

On the other hand, having too much harmony makes a person tired.

However, diversity is necessary and there is harmony in all areas of life. 

In the recent artwork by Yalda Dousti called “Tar”, we are faced with an interesting harmony. 

Yalda is a gifted and inventive Iranian artist who created such a work for the first time in the world. 

In the tableau of Yalda Dousti, the colors are placed together in a surprising and passionate way. 

The most interesting thing about the “Tar” artwork is the various tonalities that she used in it.

Basically, In one part of the work, Yalda Dousti has used contrasting and complementary colors together, which increase the dynamics of the work; while in another part, she has placed a range of one color in a particular arrangement, which has given depth to her work in far distances.

According to Yalda Dousti, it took nine months to complete this tableau and I failed many times along the way and had to start from the beginning by using a new method. 

The inventiveness and innovativeness of this artwork was one of the reasons for its greater difficulty because there was no model before doing the desired techniques and implementing my main idea.

However, finally, I was able to do it the way I wanted to execute with all the difficulties. The only material that I have used to create tones is cotton, but further than 100 different colors of cotton have been used. The tonality of colors that can be seen are the main colors of the yarns themselves, and these same colors were made only by putting rows of yarn together. The dimensions of this work are 450 cm x 150 cm, and well over 9 thousand rows were used in 26 thousand meters of yarn.

 In fact, it is not possible for anyone to achieve such a beautiful artistic masterpiece just by placing yarn threads row by row; but Yalda Dousti also has had special and unique works before. 

In her last gallery named “Call me” in the UAE, she used a new method to express the feeling behind the works; She had placed individual music for each painting so that everyone could understand the mystery and background behind the creation of that work with it. 

In this tableau, Yalda Dousti was again inspired by the Iranian traditional music and even the name “Tar” is derived from one type of traditional Iranian musical instrument with the same name as it.

Ultimately, as you know, the creation of beautiful music, also needs the harmony of notes; Hence, perhaps the same splendid order of the same improvised melodies is the source of creating such an eye-catching scene in Yalda Dousti’s “Tar” artwork.