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Here Are 3 Fun Activities to Inspire Your Next Programming Project



Want to start a creative programming project?

Many coders do. They want to design an app that does something unheard of.

They’d like to design an app that provides “special features” that aren’t available in other products.

Unfortunately, that’s hard to do. You need to stimulate your imagination, grabbing ideas from as many sources as possible.

But no worries. Today, we’ll help you with that. We have a list of 3 activities that’ll inspire your next software project.

Check out the list, and try them all out!

#1 – Read Fiction.

Fiction has many benefits – and inspiration is one of them.

In a fictional story, you’ll meet ideas that don’t exist in reality. You can then take them apart, and study how to give them life!

And you can borrow ideas from all kinds of genres – from adventure and science fiction, to romance and adult novels!

What to Look For.

Seek problems that characters meet, and how they get resolved.

Look for special tools they use that aren’t a part of normal living. From there, to try to find a real world software adaptation for them.


Let’s say you’re reading a sci-fi novel. And there’s an interesting set of machinery used in that story.

You can make a video game that borrows ideas from that novel.

You can even take an interesting utility you’ve seen and turn it into productive software.

Applies to Movies Too.

Books don’t have to be your only source of fictional inspiration. You can also borrow ideas from movies and animation!

You can download and watch the most “detail intensive” artworks. From there, try to spot in each scene what can be turned into a good app!

#2 – Read Up on “Personal Experiences.”

You can read people’s stories, reviews, and struggles in a certain niche that you’re working on.

It’s an interesting way to gather information. You get first-hand accounts of personal problems, needs, and what people hope for.

Second, you get accurate information. You get “feedback” that helps you design an app that matches people’s needs!


Let’s say you’re working on a dating app.

You can read people’s experiences and stories using other apps/sites. From there, you can make a list of “mishaps” and use them as inspiration for your project.

Gather as many stories as possible. Read them, and find patterns that’ll inspire a new upgrade!

Good for Marketing.

If you’re well aware of user problems, then you’ll know how to market a product properly.

Not only will you get inspiration to differentiate your product from competition. But also, you’ll know how to convince others of your software’s importance!

#3 – Try a Novel Outdoor Activity.

The outdoors are filled with many sources of inspiration. So why not give them a try?

You can try a nature walk.

Go for a hike, or go on a picnic in a green environment. Because that might be what you need for inspiration.

A picnic is a good way to relax your body and mind. And maybe that’s what you need to connect with your creative side.

Another Option – Outdoor Games.

You don’t have to try sports. Instead, we recommend something more “fantastical.”

You can try heading to a theme park. Or, you can try an explorative game that requires some problem-solving.

Problem-solving activities (with sensory stimulation) are good sources of ideas.

The obstacles you meet can open your eyes to everyday user issues – which you can eventually turn into a programming project!

Final Tip: Explore the Unknown.

Inspiration comes from trying “new activities.”

You won’t find inspiration regressing into old activities. Nor will you find it resorting to activities that you consider as crutches.

Instead, explore the known. Push the bounds of your comfort, but do so in a way that’s fun.

You’ll find yourself enjoying unique experiences that act as fuel for further programming projects!