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How do I choose an engagement ring?



I understand it can be tempting to involve your girlfriend in choosing your Rose gold engagement rings. You just want to make sure the ring fits and that she likes it. Even though it’s tempting, don’t! Use this moment, which she will only experience once in her life, to show her how romantic and atent you are.

Imagine how surprised she will be when 1: you propose to her, 2: the ring fits and 3: “YOU” found exactly the ring she wanted. She will remember this moment for the rest of her life. Make this moment perfect for her.

While this is the most romantic way to choose a Rose gold engagement rings, it is not the only way to surprise her. Some women really insist on choosing the ring they want for themselves. Don’t feel defeated, there is so much more mystery to a woman in a marriage proposal. She still doesn’t know when or how you will ask her to marry you.

Look for her unique style.

This time you give her exactly what she wants!

A good way to discover her style is to look through her jewelry discreetly. This chest contains many secrets for you to discover in your Rose gold engagement rings search. Which metals does she like? Does she prefer classic jewelery or is her jewelery more contemporary? …

After discovering your lover’s style. So hold on to it, the Rose gold engagement rings is for her, she has to wear it.

Study the 4Cs

The first time a jeweler shows you a diamond, you will be amazed at its beauty. However, don’t let this moment overwhelm you. The thing is, all diamonds are beautiful. Than to know that the diamond you will eventually buy will be around your lover’s finger forever. This diamond doesn’t have to be just beautiful. Every time she looks at this diamond she must be dazzled by its beauty.

Diamonds are an expensive purchase, so you better know what you are buying. By studying the 4C’s, Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut, you will know better how to find the perfect diamond for your budget. Our tip here is to never opt for less well-cut (cut) diamonds. The cut is responsible for the brilliance and fire of the diamond. If you want your loved one to be dazzled by the sparkle, choose a very good or an excellent cut.

Add a personal touch

Giving your Rose gold engagement rings a personal touch is the way to go. This is not just about the beauty or the idea that this symbolizes your eternal love. By adding a personal touch, you show your loved one that you really made an effort to make this a perfect moment.

Adding a gem that she got from her grandmother will give the ring a much greater sentimental value. But prepare well if you want to use antique gems. In the past, they often used diamonds of much lower quality and they also had other cuts, which gave them less brilliance. Even if you want to use an antique stone such as pearl or opal, do not forget that this is a fragile stone. If you want to use a fragile stone in your Rose gold engagement rings, this stone could break.

In keeping with our values of integrity and transparency, Bashford go well beyond accepted standards in sourcing all of our materials, particularly diamonds. We use recycled precious metals (indistinguishable from newly refined metals) and track gems all the way to the source to ensure that they are ethically mined, shaped and polished. Simply put: Jewelry is in our blood but there’s no blood in our jewelry.