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How Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham Gained the Trust of Hundreds of Publishers For Their Advertising Agency Paradox Group



In an age full of “fake news” and easily spread misinformation, ensuring that readers trust the content that publishers produce is of utmost importance. Solidifying credibility amongst an audience base doesn’t just apply to articles and social posts, but also to advertisements. Readers want to know that the companies or products being promoted in the form of banner ads or sponsored posts are dependable, high-quality and relevant to their lifestyle.

Knowing this, it’s important that publishers vet each potential advertiser to ensure they meet all necessary qualifications, which can become quite time-consuming and bothersome. Paradox Group, a digital advertising agency that serves companies in the fintech, blockchain, and DeFi industries, has found a way to streamline this process and in doing so, has gained the trust of over 100 publications. Cofounders Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham created the company in 2019 and noticed there was a gap between companies that wanted to build brand awareness, but didn’t know how, and publications struggling to bring in quality clients.

“By forming long-standing partnerships, we’re helping publishers sustain credibility while facilitating the introduction of our clients’ brand messages to an engaged, target audience,” says McCloud. “Our strategies benefit both parties and we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built thus far.”


McCloud says one of the main selling points that helped the agency earn publishers’ trust is the quality of their advertisements. The group is comprised of a team of experts that specialize in copywriting, design, and marketing, to name a few. With years of experience and a constant pulse on industry trends, Paradox Group is able to craft advertisements that spark conversation, as well as conversion. Publishers can trust that work is always done with the greatest attention to detail and care.

Consistent Revenue

Not only do the group’s high standards appeal to publishers, but so does the opportunity of driving consistent revenue. When looking to form partnerships with publishers, Burnham noticed that many weren’t aware of how to monetize the platforms they created.

“Some publishers organically attract thousands or millions of unique readers daily. This audience engagement provides publishers with a huge opportunity to create passive income by opening up ad space,” says Burnham. “We’ve helped many understand the commission structure that comes along with this, as well as advertising formats.”

Understood Demographics

While generating consistent revenue with a solid lineup of clients and providing quality work are of premier interest to publishers, being able to effectively tailor advertisements to fit site demographics is crucial. Paradox Group extensively researched the publishers in its current network and became well acquainted with the makeup of their audiences. Publishers want to see messaging that is relevant and applicable to its readers and demonstrating this time and again only enhances trust.

Paradox Group has seen immense success in leveraging these principles to become a trusted advertising partner for more than 100 top tier publications and is hopeful that this strategy will benefit the advertising industry as a whole.

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