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How to add Watermark to Screenshot



If you are putting your screenshots on the internet, you need to watermark them. It is to protect your screenshots from theft. Many thieves on the internet steal other’s work and take credit for it. Are you worried about copyrights issue now? If yes, then don’t because we are here to inform you that how to put a watermark on your screenshots.

What is a watermark?

Watermark is a specific pattern for the identification of one’s personal page, photo, or video. In other words, Watermark is a process of overlapping a secondary photo to the primary picture. It is mainly used to secure the personal property like a document, image, and video.

How to put a Watermark?

There are some basic steps to add a watermark on your screenshot using any application. These steps are simple and easy.

  1. Take the Screenshot

Take a screenshot that you want to post on a public platform over the internet. If you are posting the photo where people can download it, then you need to watermark it. Otherwise, you don’t have to.

  1. Make a copy

Make sure you have a copy of your screenshot so that you have the original one too.

  1. Upload on the Application

Upload the required photo(s) on the app.

  1. Select the watermark size

Customize your Watermark well. Try to design a large watermark so that it covers almost your screenshot. One can easily crop or cut out a small watermark.

  1. Apply Watermark

Try to apply the Watermark in the middle of the screenshot. It will be easy to crop Watermark if you place it on the corners.


Let have a look at some applications that provide the watermarking facility.

Best Applications to add Watermark to screenshot

Many applications can assist you in putting a watermark on your screenshot. We have brought you the top 5 of them. These applications are easy to use and have an excellent interface. They allow you to customize your Watermark as you want. You can have text or image or both as a watermark.

  • Adobe Photoshop

We are all familiar with the name of the adobe. Adobe Photoshop provides best and easy interface to edit photos and screenshots. It also provides the facility to add Watermark on your screenshot. For this, you have to select the Type Tool from the toolbox and write whatever you want as a watermark. Select the standard color for Watermark, i.e., grey color. Put it over the photo. You can edit the typed text as you want.

  • Microsoft Paint 3D

Paint 3D is a well-known software of Microsoft Company. If you are an editor, you are already familiar with the name. Putting Watermark using Paint is similar to any Photoshop software. For adding Watermark, select the Text tool from the toolbar. Draw it on the photo. Type the text or string and edit it as you want. In the end, place the box wherever you want to put over the screenshot.

  • ws

If you do not want to go through any trouble of downloading and installing an application on your PC, then do not worry. There are some online applications available to add watermarks to your screenshot. is one of the best platforms specifically designed to put watermarks. You can do all the editing without spending any money. It is free of cost. You can also download the application from the website, but it will cost you 20 dollars. The trial version will be free, but it will not allow putting a logo as a watermark.

  • com is another useful online application to add Watermark on the screenshots. It has an excellent interface and easy to use. You will find many options there to customize your Watermark.

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